"Hakusho" famous for Hokkairo · Isonnon · Mrs. Lloyd rebuilds business with debt of 25.5 billion yen

Teikoku Databank's "Big bankruptcy bulletinAccording to the official website "Hakusho" filed for application of the civil rehabilitation law to the Tokyo District Court on May 29th and received a preservation order, the petition for commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings and the petition of our company About reconstruction of future business "announcement is displayed.

White Yuan Co., Ltd.

Petition for commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings and reconstruction of our future business

Originated from the manufacture and sale of private insecticides and deodorants by Kamada Izumi, the founder of Kamada Shokai Co., Ltd., founded in 1923, Hakusho was established in 1923 as "paradik tablet (parasol)" mothball deodorant " Flat type "to the US armed forces, released fluorescent dye" Hakamoto "in 1953," toilet ball deodorant "in 1954," parasol for wardrobe dance "in 1958, insulated bag in 1965" Icenone ", the following year, we released a cold insulation bag" Icenon Belt ", in 1972 we stopped liquid cushita" Sok Touch ", and in 1979 we released" Hokkaro ".

Although we posted approximately 33,237 million yen in annual sales in the fiscal year ending March 2010, which is the height of the year, sales at the mainstay Cairo sector are sluggish, and due to the impact of new entry by other companies, Although sales were greatly reduced, the Cairo project with low profitability and heavy burden of funds was sold to Kowa in January 2014, it came to apply for application of this civil rehabilitation law .

Furthermore, not only was management simply worsening,A large-scale fraudulent account was foundIt is also reported as follows.

Besides, it is not the first time that Hirumoto's fraudulent accounting occurred. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2006, I explained that "as part of improving the structure for listing," and has past recorded a loss of 6.8 billion yen to correct customers' push-in sales at the end of the fiscal year. However, since then, there has been no listing movements, and in 11 years KPMG AZSA LLC has resigned in the middle of his term of office, and there was suspicion that unclear accounting treatment is continuing. Makoto Kamada (47), the founder of the family, was an elite who acquired MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Harvard University after graduating from the Keio University School of Economics, but "An associate relationship is loud and wings are too good" It had been.


Proposal that the "management co-foundation foundation" led by former COO of Industrial Revitalization Organization · Mr. Tomiyama Kazuhiko to build a rebuilding plan and undertaking negotiations with the banking group also emerged, but it was told that he threw Saji for oversimplifying accounting process , Is being chased by the brinks.

In other words, this civil rehabilitation law application will have happened to occur.

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