"SUPER IMPORTANT TWEET" that can make super important tweets stand out

Twitter is easy to use as a tool for disseminating information, although it is convenient for usual casualties Twitter is also a convenient tool for information dissemination, but on the contrary it is also possible that the content that really matters is likely to flow without noticing it . In order to avoid such a risk, a web service that carries out tweets that are more conspicuous than other tweets by coloring letters and backgrounds is called "SUPER IMPORTANT TWEET"is.


The method of tweeting with SUPER IMPORTANT TWEET having the name "super important tweet" is a simple thing just to enter characters in the input window in the site. Account information for tweeting etc. will be set later, so first enter characters. In the lower right corner of the window, the number of remaining characters is displayed as with ordinary Twitter.

Let's mumble about something interesting. You can see that the number in the lower right also decreases according to the number of characters entered.

When inserting a character in the input window, the image when actually tweeted is displayed at the bottom of the window.

The color of the tweets column can be chosen from five colors of black, purple, yellow green, blue and yellow.

Then let's actually tweet. When content and color are decided, click "TWEET".

Then, "SUPER IMPORTANT TWEET" asks for approval to use the account on Twitter's authentication confirmation screen, so if you click "Login" and approve it, it will be posted to the actual account.

A confirmation screen of the post is displayed and the tweet highlighted with colored background is displayed as below.

Even if you check it on the top page of Twitter, the tweet which is highlighted similarly is displayed.

Of course, tweets in English are also displayed without problems. In order to make it stand out as much as possible, in case of English it was converted to all capital letters even if it was entered in lowercase letters.

However, when entering a long sentence in Japanese, attention is necessary because it was displayed in one line without line breaks in the middle, and the front and back protruded. When inputting with the alphabet, because it is automatic line feed, it seems that it can be said that Japanese is not fully compatible.

The contents of tweets are posted as image files. Right click on the tweet and display the menu ......

I was able to save the image on the PC as it was. It is impossible to copy it as text data and reuse it in another place.

In this way, "SUPER IMPORTANT TWEET" made it possible for someone to see the emphasized display that can not be done with a regular tweet. Although it seems that the effect will be diminished if it is randomly irritated, it seems to be said that it is said to be a convenient service when you want to give an impact when you are here.

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