"Airmail" that you can get by simply accessing a disposable e-mail address

E-mail address may be required for web service account creation or prize entry, but at any time you do not need to reply when you shop at the first net shop or when you need to send e-mail I will hesitate for a moment. "Airmail" is a service that issues disposable e-mail addresses that can be used at such times, just by accessing it.

Airmail - instant realtime temporary email address

When I accessed it, I started making mail addresses with rattling.

Jaa, address birth. New arrival information is displayed on the upper left.

Let's set the character encoding to Japanese (ISO - 2022 - JP) at the time of use.

I tried to send a mail to this address.

Notice is at the top left immediately. Click the subject line.

Then it is displayed properly like this.

Note that Japanese characters will be garbled if you change the character encoding.

When you finish using it you can close the browser and it will be over. It means that anyone sent to the previous address can no longer receive it.

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