"Tempmail.de" which allows you to get a free disposable e-mail address immediately and receive attached files

Although you may be asked to register your e-mail address when you use internet mail-order or web service, Jankchan's notification e-mail, spam mail, spam mail arrives and filled with e-mail that does not require an inbox Sometimes. For such a time it is possible to make a disposable e-mail address exclusively for reception crisp "Tempmail.de"is.

Tempmail.de - Temporary, disposable, anonymous email address

To create a mail address, first click the blue button "Register" on the top page.

First, rewrite "vivi" part of "[email protected]" at the top to your favorite character string, and if "Available" appears next to it, enter the password you want to use twice and enter "Register Click ". In addition, before @ displayed, it is changed every time the browser is read.

Once registration is completed, the mail address you set will be displayed in the upper left of the screen so you can copy this address to the registration screen such as online mail order or web service.

When mail arrives, it will be displayed like this. Mail from Gmail is displayed in Japanese, but depending on the mail address it garbled.

In such a case, click "Character encoding" from "display" of the browser.

Select "Japanese (ISO-2022-JP)".

Converting the character code is not all, but there were things written as Japanese.

On the other hand, when opening the mail sent from Gmail, the contents were displayed properly in Japanese.

By pressing the blue button next to the subject, you can display the header.

Also, I was able to open the image file even with garbled mail.

In addition, the contents of the mail address and the mail sent will be deleted in about one hour after closing the browser and ending the session.

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