To be released within 2014 "Toyota FCV" and next-generation car navigation system "CEATEC JAPAN 2014" Toyota booth

Toyota Motor has been holding from October 7, 2014 "Tuesday"CEATEC JAPAN 2014"At the booth, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles whose release is approaching at hand are"FCV"And the next-generation telematics service etc. are exhibited.

CEATEC JAPAN 2014 (official site of Ce Tech Japan)

Arrived at the Toyota booth.

At the booth, a fuel cell car that runs using electricity generated by using hydrogen as a fuel "FCV"In front of you.

Toyota is planning to sell this FCV within 2014.

FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) | Toyota

Design from a characteristic side. It is likely to be sold on the market in almost the same shape.

Since FCV is a fuel cell vehicle that generates electricity by chemical reaction of hydrogen, refueling can not be done with the conventional gas station. Within the booth it is the manufacturer of gasoline weighing machinesTatsunoThe hydrogen filling machine developed in collaboration with the company was exhibited.

The day when this vehicle runs on the ordinary road is near at hand.

Urban transportation system that optimally combines cars and public transportation from a comprehensive perspectiveHa: mo(Harmo), plug-in hybrid car (PHV) and electric car (EV) can be charged in townG-StationIt was possible to see the real machine of.

It is a "charging infrastructure" that allows charging by installing a nozzle type connector to refill gasoline and performing authentication with a dedicated IC card.

Furthermore, the next generation that enables safety and convenience by car navigation communicating via the netTelematicsService "T-ConnectIt is also possible to see a demonstration of demonstration and a lot of actual machines.

T - Connect can use the service "T - Connect Apps" which can expand the function by installing applications like smartphones. Apps that can get nearby store information, weather information, gourmet information etc. are scheduled to appear one after another.

Toyota based on T-Connect AppsHackathonof the event"TOYOTA HackCars Days 2014We are trying to expand the possibilities of cars and applications by holding the event.

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