Kit which turns Robo · Rumba into a remote control robot by super cheap "Telemba"

Technique that realizes experiences as if they are facing on the spot with members of remote areas "TelepresenceNot only in video phones but also in recent yearsUsing a robotIt has come up to. If it is a robot it is convenient as it can move freely around a remote location, but telepresence robot is a very expensive neck. However, it is only 170 dollars (about 17,000 yen) that the tablet terminal and the cleaning robot "Rumba" can be transformed into a high-performance telepresence robot "Telemba (Telemba)"is.

Telemba Project

You can understand what kind of robot Telepresence Robo using Telemba is by robbing one movie by watching this movie.

Telemba: World Cheapest Tele-presence Robot Kit - YouTube

Telemba is a robot that greets together among developers.

Telemba has approached a man sitting on a chair.

Since you can display your face on the screen of the tablet terminal, it is possible to communicate smoothly with a person at a remote place.

Video calls use Google Hangouts.

It is common for gadget getting rid of having a tablet terminal without using it though it bought a lot.

There may be gadget bastards that "There are more rumbas than the number of rooms."

Telemba is perfect for such a bad guy.

Attach kit to surplus rumba ... ....

Just by attaching a tablet terminal with no use, it quickly changes to telepresence robot.

At a company ......

Join the meeting. Of course you can read the characters on the whiteboard ... ...

It is also possible to check prototypes.

at the library……

Reading books ...... It is surely possible if it comes to that.

At home……

You can also chat with friends ...

At the party ......

There is no feeling loneliness even if it is far away.


Show your baby to a family living apart ... ...

You can move around the building wandering ... ...

It is possible in the world's lowest telepresence robot "Telemba".

The kit "Telemba" which can easily create a telepresence robot using Rumba and a tablet terminal is hardware developed by Associate Professor Okada of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo and a research team by students, "Future Contest "to honor the hardware that embodies" normal "in terms of practicality and merchantability"Gugen 2013Works that won the Kokuyo inspiration gadget prize.

It is a kit that can easily and inexpensively create a telepresence robot which has been expensive so far by combining Rumba and an Android tablet terminal.

To hardwareAccessory Development Kit (ADK)Since we use Google Hangouts for software with the corresponding Android terminal and the Rumba 500/700 series, there is no need for remodeling itself, so you can use it as "cleaning robot" even when you are wearing Telemba.

We have also developed a smaller Telemba-mini.

Telemba which was reflected in the movie is the initial type.

Improvements have been made to the design ......

Now it evolves to this Telemba-Basic.

You can also change the height of the tablet terminal.

For telepresence robot kit "Telemba" commercialization, cloud fundingKickstarterWe are seeking investment by setting the target amount to 31 thousand dollars (about 3.15 million yen), and we will have one Telemba-mini with a capital of 150 dollars (approximately 15,000 yen), one 170 dollars (approximately 17 thousand You can get one Telemba-Basic by equity investment.

The deadline for the Telemba project is 10:10 am on June 13, 2014.

Telemba by frtp - Kickstarter

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