Next-generation wireless LAN standard-compatible router that becomes a hub of smartphones and home appliances "Almond +"

Next generation wireless LAN standard capable of high-speed communication with a theoretical value of 1 Gbps or moreIEEE 802.11ac, And a touch panel-equipped wireless LAN router that also serves as a hub connecting the home appliance sensor network and smart phone "Almond +Project aiming for the development and mass production of the American cloud funding site
KickstarterIt is under development.

Almond +: 802.11ac Touchscreen WiFi Router + Smart home Hub by SECURIFI - Kickstarter

"Almond +We are developingSECURIFIMr. Rammohan Malasani, founder of the company.

"Almond" of the previous model is like this.

He was able to win a high reputation in reviews of numerous media.

Earned the top in user ratings of Amazon's router division.

The next-generation model developed with the success is "Almond +".

It fits perfectly in bookshelves.

Equipped with a touch screen.

Easy to enter user name and password by using software keyboard.

Next generation standard of wireless LANIEEE 802.11ac, Theoretical value is about 4 times faster than the previous model.

Multiple devices in multiple rooms with one unit can be connected to the Internet.

A LAN port is installed on the back.

It is also possible to use it on a wall.

Since it also functions as a hub of a smartphone,Almond +If you connect to the network of "You can control from the place you are away".

ZigBeeYaZ-WaveIt is also possible to connect with sensor network compatible equipment such as.

The movies that showed the demo actually turning on and off the light can be seen below.

Almond + Demo at CES 2013 with Doc Brown - YouTube

Even though it has a function as a high-speed wireless LAN router and smartphone hub, the target actual sale price is 99 dollars (around 9,200 yen).

Evolution from prototype is like this.

It seems that the latest version version 3 succeeded in thinning.

The appearance is as follows.

The color variation is three colors.

If you purchase separately 802.11ac compatible router, ZIGBEE compatible hub, touch screen etc., it will be more than five times price.

Even compared with similar products it is multifunctional and low price.

Currently this project is recruiting investors and the deadline is until 9:19 pm on March 9th in Japan time. If you pay 95 dollars (around 8740 yen) and a shipping cost of 30 dollars (around 2760 yen)Almond +It is possible to send one when it is completed, but please note that the Z - Wave standard is available only in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong. Anyway, it is already already completed "Almond", because the probability of completing and completing it to the last rather than the same kind of project is quite high, it is already for the target of 250 thousand dollars (about 23 million yen) Double the amount of 500 thousand dollars (about 46 million yen) is gathered and it is great expectation.

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