"Romo" makes the iPhone laugh or shimmer and transforms it into a expressive robot

When installing the iPhone that downloaded the application, it becomes a robot that changes the look of expressionRomo". Remotely control from iPhone or PC to run Romo in town, take pictures and movies, can be used as a video phone. You can also drive autonomously with obstacles.


Romo - The Smartphone Robot for Everyone by Romotive - Kickstarter

The operation of Romo is from the following movie.

The New Romo on Vimeo

This is the robot for iPhone "Romo" which changes expression and look.

Romotive company making Romo was founded by Peter, Keller and Phu.

It is in a box like this.

I took out the contents. The size in the state where the iPhone is not installed is 142 mm in length × 114 mm in width × 76 mm in height.

Easy to use. First, download the Romo application.

Set the iPhone in the Romo main body ... ...

Operate from another iPhone.

Romo will bring you a cup containing drinks.

When I delivered drinks to the owner, I quickly fell back.

Running around the city and running around.

The operation screen looks something like this. You can remotely control the camera with the camera, change the expression of Romo.

Romo is a pet, a toy, a means of communication and an educational tool.

Beyond the two children waving their hands ......

Mother who is far away.

I use it as a videophone.

Hold with one hand ......

Because it is large enough to fit in your bag, it is easy to carry around.

Very emotional, I change my expression a lot.

It looks a little sullen.


It is a sad expression.

Large yawn. Face recognition technology is carried and how to take different communication depending on who uses it.

Until a while ago, the robot was the one in the world of SF and it was difficult to get it even in reality.

However, Romotive has developed a portable robot that anyone can get.

The original Romo solicited investment in KickStarter in 2011 and succeeded in commercialization.

On the left is the conventional Romo, which is a new type of Romo on the right which further improved it. The design was refined, and it was 10 times better than the previous Romo.

The design picture looks like this.

James who is a customer service who works in a shop.

Besides hardware, software has also been replaced with new ones.

You can change the direction quickly, the angle of the iPhone is flexible, so that you can grasp all 360 degrees.

From the relationship of the connector it is iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 4 th generation iPod Touch that can be set in the Romo itself, but operation is also possible from iPhone 5 and PC.

You can also autonomously drive.

Even if you hit the obstacle and turn over ......

I will return to the original position to come by myself.

Because it includes a software development kit, you can develop your own application and share it.

Romo is currently recruiting investment for software development. It is possible to get one Romo by investing 150 dollars (about 12,000 yen) in the US and $ 175 (about 14,000 yen) in the case of outside the US.

The deadline is 15:43, Thursday, November 15th, Japan time in Japan time.

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