I bought a sweet sale sweet "Kyo Hayashida Supervised Kilning Out Premium Green Tea Pudding" and tried it out

Circle K Sunkus "Kiln out and meltWe release the premium version of the series once every several months. The premium pudding which is sold for a limited day on May 15 today "Kyo Hayashida Supervised Kiln Premium Green Tea Pudding"Was released on May 6 (Tue)"Matchup Mushrooms Matcha PuddingIt is said that it is a premium version of "I bought both, I decided to eat and compare.

Kyo Hayashida Supervised Matcha Product | This Week's Featured Product | Circle K Sunkus

Feeling early summer Refreshing powdered green tea products continue one after another! "Kyo Hayashi supervised kiln delivery premium green tea pudding" A one-day release at Circle K and Sunkus nationwide
(PDF file)http://www.circleksunkus.jp/system/__upfile__/pressrelease/p15361.pdf

The usual "kiln-out and melt matcha tea pudding" is a green lid, the lid of "Kyo Hayashiya Supervised Kiln Premium Green Tea Pudding" is a gold color featuring a premium feeling.

For raw materials of "Mushrooms to melt matcha tea pudding", foods such as milk etc., eggs, sugar, caramel sauce, green tea, emulsifier etc. can be confirmed.

The calorie is 161 kcal.

When opening the lid, you can see a thin green purine ......

You can see the caramel sauce on the bottom.

When scooping and eating it, there is a matcha-like flavor, but bitter and umami are insufficient. The taste such as cream is stronger than the flavor of the egg, and I got an impression like Bavaroa rather than purine. There is smoothness of the texture which the item "Melting Pudding" series seems to be good, sweetness is modest, but it seems to be better to consider it as a Matcha style pudding to the last. The price is 180 yen including tax.

The golden lid of "Kyo Hayashi supervised kiln-out premium green tea pudding" was an eye-catching one among the sweets department.

For raw materials it is clear that you can check foods · egg yolk · sugar · black molasses · caramel sauce · green tea · agar etc, with milk etc. as the main ingredient, and it is different from "green tea pudding to kiln out".

The calorie is 216 kcal, and it is higher than "Matcharo tempuru Matcha pudding".

Because it is in a black container, contents can not be seen.

Take the lid and you can see the source blended with caramel sauce and black nectar sauce on the pudding.

When scooping and eating, it is finished in a pudding which feels the bitterness and umami of the sauce and the green tea feeling a hint of rich honey, and the taste of the matcha is stronger than "Matcha pudding that melts out the kiln", so Japanese-style impression. Although the taste of black honey is thin, I feel that compatibility with pudding is not bad.

The texture is smooth, but it is pretty soft for pudding. The price of 280 yen including tax is plus the premium pudding of +100 yen compared with the normal version, but it seemed to be a little expensive.

Although the sauce is contained in the bottom, too much sweetness makes the taste of Matcha less noticeable, so I felt like reducing the amount more or not at all.

"Mushrooms melt matcha tea pudding" is limited time sale, "Kyo Hayashi supervised kiln delivery premium matcha tea pudding" is a one day limited sale on May 15th, so people who want to compare eats are necessary ants today .

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