Petite Luxurious Circle K tried to eat "Purple Rich Melting Out"

From Tuesday, June 24th to the standard product "Circle K Sunkus" "Kilting out and melting pudding"Purine rich to melt out kiln"Has been added. I tried to compare "eating kiln out of melting pudding" and "kiln rolling purine rich" by using ground eggs or adding Madagascar vanilla to the material, so that it was finished to a more elegant taste.

Enjoy petit luxury with high value-added type of popular products! "Purine rich that melts out kiln" It is sold at Circle K and Sunkus nationwide from June 24

The left is a kiln pudding melting pudding (123 yen including tax), and the right is Purine Rich that melts in the kiln (160 yen including tax). Purine rich melting out the kiln produces a luxurious feel with a golden lid.

Kiln out and melt Purine raw materials can be confirmed such as foods, eggs, sugar, caramel sauce, vanilla beans, etc. with milk etc as the main ingredients. "Food with milk etc. as the main ingredient" seems to be using pure cream · whipped cream containing vegetable fat and oil · concentrated milk.

Impression that the texture is smooth when eating and the taste of cream is stronger than eggs. There was not much bitterness in caramel sauce and the sweetness was not that strong. Nonetheless, among the 120 yen pudding, it seems to be said that the quality is higher.

The design of Purine Rich that melts out the kiln is quite similar to the pudding that melts the kiln.

The calorie is 169 kcal, which is somewhat less than the pudding (180 kcal) that melts in the kiln.

For raw materials, you can check foods with sugar · egg (raw egg) · egg yolk (egg egg) · caramel sauce · vanilla (from Madagascar) · vanilla beans. Egg yolk (raw egg) and vanilla (from Madagascar) that did not enter the kiln out and mellow pudding were contained.

When I opened the lid, the appearance of the pudding seemed a little yellowish as compared with the pudding that could be put down in the kiln.

Whether there was a lot of eggs in it, there was more elasticity than the pudding that melts in the kiln.

Vanilla beans can also be confirmed in pudding.

As I tried eating it, while keeping the smooth texture of the pudding that melts in the kiln, the egg's richness is added and the sweetness is slightly intensified. Kiln out and melt with puddingKiln out eggs plenty of puddingIn the middle of the taste, the balance of the smoothness of the cream and the taste of the egg is balanced. Though those from Madagascar are used, vanilla did not feel a big difference.

The caramel sauce seems to have the same bitter taste as the pure melting pudding, and it seems that compatibility with pudding is not bad. Although the price goes up about 40 yen more than the pure melting pudding, it is an honest place that it is hard to feel a big difference.

If you like kiln-fired pudding, it seems to be nice to have kiln out and melt pink rich.

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