Transit guide application which guides while taking a detour over one hour to a place where it can arrive in one minute "Transit guide norippa"

You can spend your free time between some schedule and the schedule on the train and the transit guidance application that you no longer need to do to enter the cafe or collapse time with comic strip cafe "Transit guide norippa"is. I was actually wondering what kind of route I would follow along the whole body.

Transit information for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store norippa - Information on the route that keeps on train as long as possible within the specified time ~

"Transit guide norippa" can be installed free from the App Store.

When installation is completed, tap "Open" to launch the application.

This application seems to be an application that was born under the concept "I want to continue riding a train for as long as possible within a specified time".

Operation is easy, setting departure and arrival stations, further departure and arrival time is OK.

A maximum of 8 routes are displayed on the search result screen, and we will tell you the required time and fare for each.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ and if you still do not understand please contact Jordan.

So when the tutorial is over, read the terms of service and tap "Start application".

The top screen of the application is like this, the impression like an ordinary transit guide application. Tap the text box in the center of the screen to search the route.

Then you will see this screen so tap the text box at the top of the screen and enter the station name. You can also find the nearest station from the location information of the smartphone by tapping "Search nearby stations" displayed on this screen.

Select departure station from completion candidate.

Then tap the text box next to 'arrival'.

Next, enter arrival station name in the text box.

Tap the destination station name from the completion candidate.

After entering the station name, tap the clock icon.

And set both departure time and arrival time OK.

When either departure time or arrival time is not set ......

Please be aware that an error will come out like this and will not show the route.

So when setting both departure time and arrival time, tap "Search".

Then, it displays multiple routes, and displays the departure time, arrival time, required time (the time when you are on the train), the total amount (the cost incurred when you transfer a train as shown on the route) It will be. Tap on one of these ... ...

It displays the transit guide. If you can not move within the specified time, a notice like that in the red frame will be displayed.

If you shorten the interval between departure time and arrival time, you will see a route that does not differ from the normal transit guidance application, so we decided to search by shifting the arrival time greatly on the same route.

The search result looks something like this. Although it was indicated that it arrives in 15 to 25 minutes when searching for the route normally, the required time is considerably long from 48 to 58 minutes when delaying the arrival time greatly. In addition, since the total amount to be taken by connecting is also up, attention is necessary for that point.

Since I was concerned about how long we can get on the train by taking any route, tap the route with the longest time required.

Transit guide is like this. Since it is hard to understand by this alone, try to tap "Pass Station".

Then the name of the station that passes through each route is displayed, and it turns out that it seems that they are going around indeed.

Set the Shinagawa station at the departure station as the green pin at the bottom of the image and the Otemachi station at the arrival station as the black pin at the top right of the image and when you draw on the map what kind of place this route passes, it looks like a blue line I will. On the map turned out to be a grand big circle with feeling like drawing eight characters from near Tokyo Station.

Also,When going by train from Tokyo to YurakuchoUsually, it is only 1 station on the Yamanote line, so it will arrive in 1 or 2 minutes, but if you use "transfer guide norippa" you will be able to take a leisurely relaxation more than an hour.

Shinjuku station is the station to transfer.

Although there is little transit itself, it seems that it will pass through many stations to head to the next station.

At first glance, there was "Please cross the Pacific with a kayak"Or"Cross the Pacific with a jet skiAlthough it seems like a neta like the one like, it is easy to crush a little idle time inside the train, so if you have trouble getting into a cafe or it's troublesome to crush time or collapse time in places without land habit In case you want to drunk roughly by train it seems to be of great help.

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