"Pixomize" that you can share pictures with anyone for free with no membership registration or application required

A service that allows anyone to create a photo album with a due date on-line for free and to share it with acquaintances and friends is "Pixomize.com"is.


To create an album in Pixomize, first create a new album from the browser,(Album name created) @ pixomize.comSend a mail to, or upload the image in the manner described below. The created album is "http://pixomize.com/(作成したアルバム名)You will be able to access it with the URL URL.

First, I will create a new album. Click "Create Album" on the homepage.

Enter the name of the album to create and click "Create Album".

A new album has just been created. By clicking "Go to album" you will be able to start uploading photos to the album.

As the album title is displayed at the top of the page and below it is displayed "This album is going offline in 13 days.", The album is automatically deleted in about two weeks . Click "Add New Photo" to add a photo.

Then, the method for uploading the photo is displayed. You can choose a method of attaching to an email and sending it to a specified address and a method of moving data from a service such as Dropbox.

First of all, I will attach a photo to the designated e-mail address and send it by e-mail.

I received an email from Pixomize saying that the photo was posted on the album in less than 1 minute after mail transmission was completed. Click on the URL of the description ......

The photo list of the album was displayed, and it was confirmed that the image sent by e-mail was successfully uploaded.

On the list screen, you can download by clicking the arrow at the bottom right of the photo.

You can also download a ZIP file by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and collecting all the photos together.

Next, I will try the method of uploading by receiving mail address authentication. After entering the mail address and clicking "Authenticate!", The mail for authentication is sent to the specified address.

Since the URL of "personal link" that is issued only to the authenticated address is described in the mail body, click that link.

Then, unlike the previous image, the image was uploaded directly from the browser, and the window for specifying the URL of Dropbox was displayed. With this method, it seems that you can upload more easily than sending images by email.

Just click on "Browse", select an image and click "Add the photo" to finish adding images to the album.

Successfully added upload succeeded.

If you upgrade the album by paying 1 dollar (about 102 yen), you will be able to take advantage of additional features.

After entering the mail address and clicking "Order the upgrade with 1 $", the retention period of the album is extended to one month, and you can set the password for viewing. In addition, it is also possible to manage browsing and image addition with an approval system so that when someone uploads, you can send a notification mail, delete photos that you mistakenly uploaded to the album, and you can see who saw the photo .

On the paid version setting screen, it was also possible to set the name of the album and the nickname of the manager.

As you can see, Pixomize was a service that made it easy to create online albums for free and easy to publish and share. Please note that folder names appear to be exclusively for alphabets, and Japanese and double-byte characters are not supported.

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