I have tried on electric motorcycle "Tera Motors A4000i" in cooperation with smartphone

Tera Motors(Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is the world's first mass-produced car "Electric motorbikes to work with smartphones"A4000iIt will be released in Japan and Europe in the summer of 2014. AppleCarPlayGoogle announcedAndroid mounted carAs the waves of cooperation between automobile and smartphone are getting on, such as establishing a group for the development of smartphones, smartphone cooperation is likely to become mainstream in the world of electric motorcycles in the future. I asked A4000i to test drive what prototype it is about to release.

A4000i features | Tera Motors Co., Ltd.

A4000i appearance check
Arrived at Yurikamome · Telecom Center station in Tokyo Bay Area.

For your purpose, this electric motorcycle · Tera Motors "A4000i".

The A4000i is an electric motorcycle scheduled to be released simultaneously by Terra Motors in the summer of 2014 in the world.

Neat facial features.

The blinkers are all clear lenses, it is a smart impression.

A light blue line shines well on the white body.

Tera Motors emblem on the front. It is a pity that the emblem is a sticker.

Front suspension is an upright type.

Brake is made by Nissin.

Wheels painted in black are excellent in design.

Subtle irregularities also on the front fender.

At the center of the handle is a digital speedometer and smartphone holder. The A4000i is "an electric motorcycle that works with smartphones".

Cover protects your smartphone from rain.

A rounded mirror is a reasonable visibility.

Simple hand grip.

Equipped with a headlight (high beam / low beam), turn indicator, horn button to the left of the handle.

The button on the right of the handle is a "boost button", it is possible to temporarily increase the output of the motor.

The keyhole has a shutter. Put the part behind the key in a round recess and turn ......

The shutter opens.

It is like this when inserting the key.

If you press the button on the left of the keyhole ......

The shutter is closed.

A small article under the handle.

Hook is convenient to hang shopping plastic bag.

The step part is made of plastic.

The logo is printed.

Tandem step on the side of the car body.

The center stand is also standard equipment.

This is the view from the left side. The cantilevered swing arm has a built-in motor. Rear suspension is on the left side only.

"A4000i" sticker.

Under the seat is an open hole. This is opened to insert the charging adapter.

Since it is two kinds of mopeds, it is OK for two people. Although a loading platform and a tandem bar will be installed behind the seat, the shooting vehicle this time is a prototype on the market soon, so the tandem bar was not attached.

Rear brake.

Bar reinforcing the frame.

The right side of the car body looks like this.

In-wheel motorized rear tire.

Wheel cover is stylish.

A recess to relieve the tire in the wheel house.

A small fender is equipped on the pink license plate showing two kinds of mopeds.

Impression that rear view was refreshing.

The tail lamp is LED.

I tried it.
I decided to try it on the test drive. By turning on the key and lowering the side stand, the system turns on and the vehicle is ready to start.

The digital meter displays the mileage on the left and the hour speed on the right.

You can check how you pilot the A4000i in the following movie.

I tried Tera Motors' motorized motorbike "A4000i" - YouTube

Storage & charging style
Twisting the key all the way to the left will unlock the seat.

Batteries and storage space under the seat. Although it can be stored if it is so-called "half Hell", full face or jet type helmet can not be stored.

Lithium-ion battery with a light blue handle.

Remove the connector ... ...

Pull out a little to the top. The battery weighs approximately 16 kg and is quite heavy.

Removed battery. Charging is possible even in this battery only state.

This is the AC adapter for charging. The power supply is OK at home for 100V.

To have heat, the fan is built in.

Removing the 16 kg battery is quite heavy labor. Therefore, you can charge the battery using the jack under the seat while it is loaded on the car body.

In this way I plug the AC adapter and charge it. The time required for full charge is about 4 hours and half.

I tried asking a variety of things
I asked Mr. Tetsuya Ohashi of Tera Motors Co., Ltd. · business development group about various kinds of A4000i.

GIGAZINE (hereinafter, G):
First of all, please tell us about the release time of the A4000i we tried.

Tetsuya Ohashi (Ohashi):
The A4000i is scheduled to be released worldwide in Europe and Asia such as Japan and Italy at the end of June 2014, and it is decided to participate in the Milan Motor Show in November, and the development is now in the final stage.

How much is the price expected?

The selling price in Japan is planned to be 450,000 yen (including tax) with charger.

It is 450,000 yen on a scooter, it is a considerably high price.

A4000i is positioned as our top model even in our electric scooter. (※ Tera Motors is an electric motorcycle "SEED"It is on sale from 12,200 yen)

Is it simultaneous worldwide release, is the price the same?

Tariffs are different in each country, so it is not completely the same, but in any country it is going to be around 450,000 yen.

In emerging countries such as Asia, it is located in a high price range as a scooter.

I agree. However, for example in VietnamVespaDemand for high-end scooters exceeding 3000 dollars is about 5% of the total. There is a persistent popularity in high-quality scooters in wealthy people of emerging countries. As Tera Motors, I am thinking to introduce the A4000i to the market of high-quality scooters.

As it is an electric motorcycle, I do not use gasoline at all, it means that I can charge it with a household 100 V outlet, but what is fuel consumption or electricity cost?

It is one tenth of the fuel efficiency compared with conventional gasoline bike (※ fuel efficiency of scooter is 40 km / L, gasoline price is 142 yen, charge is calculated by night power of TEPCO "Morning Plan" about). If you run a distance of 20 kilometers daily for 5 years, the cost will be reduced by about 110,000 yen.

I was surprised to run smoothly more than I imagined trying. Especially the sound is quiet.

Thank you very much.

What is the maximum speed and range of the A4000i?

The maximum speed is 65 kilometers per hour, and the cruise distance in stationary driving is 65 kilometers.

The A4000i is bigger than a general motorbike. The license plate was pink but was it treated as two kinds of mopeds?

Yes. The A4000i has a rated output exceeding 600 W and not more than 1000 WType 2 motorized bicycleIt is classified into. For this reason, the limitation of "legal speed 30 kilometers per hour" and "two-step right turn required" in the 50 cc moped bike has been removed. On the tax side it is treated the same as a motorcycle under 125 cc.

Where do you plan to sell the A4000i?

It is a place where maintenance can be done, as well as a motorbike shop, of course, we are also considering car dealers and are currently negotiating.

Is there a possibility of consumer electronic retail stores as well?

Basically, the A4000i is maintenance free, but it may be difficult because it is necessary to deal with it in case of breakdown.

Tera Motors is a Japanese company, is the A4000i domestic production?

I am doing the design and development in Japan, but the manufacturing is done in Vietnam.

Why is Vietnam?

Motorcycles, including scooters, are very popular in Vietnam, a motorbike powerhouse where 3.5 million bikes are sold annually. By the way, I think that the market size of Vietnamese market is big because the number of motorcycles sold in Japan is about 400,000 a year. Manufacturing in Vietnam has great merit in terms of cost, but since the motorcycle is a very popular country, the manufacturing technology of the motorcycle is quite advanced and excellent.

I see. Manufacturers of motorbikes are thriving because we sell well. Is the electric motorcycle popular also in Vietnam?

Actually, in Vietnam the electric bicycle is very popular. It may be more accurate that the popularity has fallen.

You said that it fell because of popularity?

Yes. Demand for electric motorcycles in Vietnam has increased relatively quickly. The big cause was that a very cheap electric motorcycle was imported from China. At the peak of 2007, 120 thousand electric motorcycles were imported from China annually.

What is the reason why the popularity has dropped?

It is also an electric motorcycle made in China. Although the electric bicycle made in China is very cheap, there are also many things that are fragile as well, some of which are bad products and some of the imported motorbikes have broken. However, it seems that after-maintenance has rarely been done. For this reason, in Vietnam, the image of electric bicycle "strong and bad" is strong. In order to overturn the image of the electric motorcycle named "Arai Yakuro", it is necessary to enter the market with a product that gives a novel image like A4000i in cooperation with smartphones.

I see. Although the A4000i is "an electric motorcycle that works with smartphones", what kind of function do you have?

With the exclusive application for iOS, the A4000i can display the real-time power consumption and the remaining battery power, and can log traveling data such as mileage and average speed. Wi-Fi is used for connection between iPhone and A4000i. Currently, we are developing some functions such as navigation in collaboration with companies outside the company. Since it is an advantage that smartphone applications can be updated, we plan to add various functions in the future.

For example, what kind of idea do you have?

There is dispatch management as business use. You can track in real time where the A4000i is running now. There are also ideas such as using A4000i as a rental motorcycle and managing charge with a smartphone.

Is iOS the exclusive application only?

Although it is correspondence only of iOS application at the time of release, we are considering release of Android application in the future as well.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, there is an argument that "Can you use the electric car as an emergency battery?" But can the A4000i be converted to a battery?

Tera Motors understands the necessity of diverting to batteries and is considering correspondence. In fact, emergency power supplies are extremely useful in emerging countries where the electrical infrastructure is not in place. SEED can be diverted to battery, A4000i is also technically enough.

Thank you for today.

The A4000i is a very smooth starting acceleration because of the high torque characteristic unique to electric motors, realizing high running stability thanks to a large car body. As the cruising distance is 65 kilometers, it is fully possible to use it for commuting, and it is convenient for "choi ride" use as a city commuter. Since the smartphone application is supposed to add further functions in the future, the A4000i seems to be said to be "an evolving electric motorcycle."

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