A chemical battery capable of charging a smartphone within 30 seconds was developed and commercialization planned for 2016

In 2012 NEC is capable of high-speed charging of 1 minute or less "Organic radical batteryWe have developed high practicality, but there is no story yet that products with organic radical batteries were developed. In such a situation, Israel's startupStoreDotHas developed a battery that can charge a smartphone within 30 seconds and has released a demo movie that actually charges smartphones within 30 seconds using prototype batteries.

StoreDot Phone Charging Works in 30 Seconds, but There's a Catch - TIME

StoreDot Flash-Battery Demo - YouTube

A battery developed to be attached to the back of a smartphone.

Prototype batteries are manufactured by Samsung Electronics'Galaxy S3It was developed for exclusive use. The remaining battery charge before starting charging is 27%.

As soon as it is connected to the power supply, the battery level is increased to 30%.

The battery level exceeded 50% without passing 10 seconds.

It reached 81% after 20 seconds.

And charging was completed in about 29 seconds.

Confirm that Galaxy S4 is operating normally after charging. The terminal did not break by rapid charging.

Actually watching the demo movie, I can not hide the surprise in the tremendous speed of charging. What StoreDot used for prototyping was generated from organic compoundsNano dotsA new type of incorporatingChemical batteryis.

Nano-dots, batteries for electrical energyelectrode, Electric energy is transferred between the anode and the cathode of the batteryElectrolyteIt is used for. According to StoreDot, the electrical characteristics of the nanodots made it possible for electrodes to draw electrical energy at high speed. The technology that uses nanodots developed by StoreDot is based on naturally occurring organic compounds, so the production cost of batteries can be kept low.

However, despite the fact that the batteries that appear in the demo movies are larger than the Galaxy S3 batteries, the capacity was smaller than the original Galaxy S3 battery. Besides that, the smartphone itself to be charged also needs to withstand high currents. StoreDot is working on battery and capacity problems, we aim to commercialize it up to 2016 within 1 year by developing the same size and capacity as conventional batteries.

There are many walls that must be overcome to realize batteries that can charge smartphones within 30 seconds,What StoreDot told The Next WebAccording toAsian huge smartphone manufacturer"As a strategic investor in favor of StoreDot, StoreDot successfully raised $ 6 million (about 600 million yen) of funds from the company.

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