"IOS 7.1" summarizes what's new, change design · make Siri a man · compatible with CarPlay etc.

Apple has released the latest OS "iOS 7.1" for mobile terminals such as iPhone and iPad.

Apple - iOS 7 - Update

◆ How to update to iOS 7.1
To update to iOS 7.1, first tap the Settings application.

Tap "General".

Tap "Software update".

Update the OS from here. However, it is necessary to have a Wi-Fi network connection to start updating.

Turn on Wi-Fi at the control center and connect to the Wi-Fi network ......

The "download and install" icon can be tapped. So tap this.

Since usage conditions are displayed, tap "I agree" at the bottom right of the screen after reading this.

Preparing for update ......

When preparations are completed, this screen will appear, so if you tap Install, update is started.

◆ New features
New iOS 7.1 now supports CarPlay. CarPlay is a function that can be used by connecting with a vehicle that supports this function, but it seems that you can also experience how you feel when you actually use CarPlay with a simulator.

Details of CarPlay can be found by reading the following article.

Apple officially announces new car feature "CarPlay" - GIGAZINE

Other improvements have been made to the functions of the camera application, and an "HDR auto" mode that enables HDR shooting at an appropriate timing is also added. However, this function is effective only on iPhone 5s.

Also, on iPhone 5s, it is also possible to select automatic uploading of photos taken in burst mode.

In the Japanese version of iOS, we were unable to change the gender of Siri so far, but in iOS 7.1 we can now select Siri's voice sex from "Settings" application "General" → "Siri". Furthermore, the usability of Siri has also improved, and in addition to the conventional method of automatically recognizing the timing when speaking ended, by talking with the home button pressed and releasing the home button at the timing when the talk ended, the timing at which Siri listens Manual control is now available.

In addition, iOS 7.1 seems to be doing "Improve fingerprint authentication of Touch ID", "Fix crash bug of home screen", "Improve performance and reaction on iPhone 4"IOS 7 terminal crashes with 30% remaining battery bugIt seems to have been fixed as well.

◆ Design changes
In addition, a number of design changes have been made in iOS 7.1.

Comparison of design changes of iOS 7.0.x and iOS 7.1 are summarized.

Overall design from iOS 7Change to flat designAs it was done, it became difficult to understand whether some of the icons were plain text or tapable icons. In order to solve this problem, the option "form of button" is newly added to "General" → "Accessibility" of the setting application in iOS 7.1. When this is turned on, icons and text can be easily distinguished from each other I will.

For "Increase Contrast" in "Accessibility", options such as "lower transparency", "make color deeper", "lower white point" were newly added.

However, when this "lower transparency" is turned on, attention is required because the dock portion at the bottom of the home screen may become gray.

In addition to "Accessibility", the option "thicken text" has been added, so if you thicken the text, the font will become bold in other applications. However, rebooting is necessary to turn on "thicken text".

Also change the icon of the phone application.

It turns out that the icon when turning off the power has also changed, and it turns out that the icon changes to a rounded one as a whole.

The keyboard also has some icon coloring change.

Furthermore, in the month display of the calendar application, it is now possible to display the event list for the day at the bottom of the screen.

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