"IBM food truck" equipped with supercomputers to come up with cooking recipes

IBM quiz show in 2011Jeopardy!Supercomputer with the computing power of Quintillion (10 18 18) which won the championship "WatsonI am working on an attempt to make me think about cooking recipes. It took place on March 10, 2014SXSWSo, with Watson's dish system "IBM food truck"Was dispatched, and multiple cooking samples were offered for visitors.

This is how supercomputers cook: IBM's Watson dreams up creative dishes | The Verge

You can see the movies that actually operate Watson with IBM FOOD TRUCK from the following.

IBM's Watson supercomputer learns how to cook | SXSW 2014 - YouTube

Can IBM make dishes with Watson with excellent processing power? From the idea of ​​thinking, we analyzed 35,000 kinds of recipes and 1000 kinds of chemical fragrance compounds in the system and learned which combination of materials was right. As a result, Watson has succeeded in spitting out a recipe by inputting "material / dish region / dish type".

The system can evaluate the recipe made of 12 to 14 kinds of materials from the viewpoint of "what kind of perfume compound is added" and "what kind of material is innovative?" Also, attempts have been made to create unprecedented combinations of dishes such as "chocolate, coffee and garlic", and in the future how good is the flavor and seasoning of the computer? It will be able to judge up to.

Below are the food samples provided by IBM Food Track, which is a recipe sample by Watson thinking from input data.

Watson decides the type, size and cooking time of the dish, and in some things an unusual material recipe using "pork, chicken, strawberry, shiitake, pineapple, apple, curry, shallot, carrot, lemon, lime and mint" Output.

Cooking school that cooked in Watson's recipeInstitute of Culinary Education(ICE) cookJames Briscione"I never made cooking with such a combination of materials," he said.

An IBM engineer is manipulating the system with a tablet.

By allocating the taste of each country such as "13% of the United States and 13% of Thailand" in cooking area, the system will come up with creative dishes by entering the type of ingredients and dishes.

Sample dishes were subjected to curry · Caesar salad · Gyoza and burrito etc, and the one that was chosen as the best dish by voting done on Twitter was "kebabIt became.

The current recipe that Watson can produce is just a list of materials, but in the future it will be possible to judge whether the computer is an excellent dish from the flavor and seasoning, or to explain in order. Watson Group administrator Steven Abrams said "Creativeity is a great accomplishment created by the intelligence of mankind, can we give creativity to computers?"

It is an attempt to create delicious dishes from combinations that human beings can not imagine, but human chefs are necessary to cook or serve based on recipes. IBM researchers say, "Watson is not designed to be a human chef's job."

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