When you make the movie "Fight Club" 8 bit full like a final fight, it becomes like this

movies"Ironman"Or"Blade runner"We have made past-style masterpieces movies like 8-bit like Famicom like one after anotherCine FixHowever, this time the movie "Fight Club"Final FightlikeBelt scroll action gameI made a movie that I made.

Fight Club - 8 Bit Cinema - YouTube

The start screen looks something like this.

When the movie starts, Battle of Tyler · Darden which the hero who plays Edward Norton and Brad Pitt plays begins.

Tyler shouting as if he was beaten to the hero like a movie "beat your ears!"

Soon the start of round two.

Tyler to kick the main character.

The main character fights back with a knee kick ... ...

At the end the main character was knocked out with uppercut, Tyler's victory.

When the battle is over, the hero moves to the ice world which is the bonus stage

The bonus stage progresses moving a penguin sliding on ice.

Finally I found Mara and the bonus stage is over.

The hero who appeared in the bar and Tyler.

The hero and Tyler go straight to the back door without stopping at the bar.

Like the movie, the fight club was held in the basement of the bar.

Rules of fight club No. 1 "Never talk about fight clubs"

The mighty men battle ... ...

A black man who won the battle said "It was a wonderful fight, is it the same time next week?"

When the stage of the fight club ends, the bonus stage will start again. The bonus stage is to catch a bag containing pink liquid falling from above by manipulating Tyler.

Some of the falling bags contain alkaline liquids, and Tyler may be damaged.

When the bonus stage is over, a message "Bombs were made!" Was displayed.

Suddenly Tyler appears and speaks to the hero as "Do you want to put on her?" ...

Mara appears and knocks out the hero with a blow.

The scene changes and Rou, the owner of the bar, will discover the fight club being held in the basement.

Ru vs. Tyler's battle broke out.

Tyler victoriously wins.

Bonus stage that begins again.

Water is put on a man whose main character is car wash ... ...

I will knock you down in a moment.

I do not know which area is a bonus, but the bonus stage ends.

Finally, the hero confronts Tyler who is another personality of myself.

Although the hero attempts to jump and kick to Tyler, Tyler disappears by disappearing.

On the other hand, hero who is made into Tyler.

I am eating knee kick ...

The hero who is KOed by head bat.

And like the movie, the two will move the battlefield to the roof of a skyscraper. A message saying "I will control the spirit" ......

A controller of Super Nintendo appears, and pushing the button as instructed ......


And the hero will fire a gun towards his throat.

Tyler also fell to the ground as the hero collapsed.

When Mara appeared, the building started to collapse Climax.

I thought that the game was over and a fat man came running ......

The thing which flew from the back bumped into the head and died.

The man who died,meatloafIt was Robert Poulsen played by.

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