What is the raw material of "power wheat flour", a new ingredient that may save food shortages?

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In order to solve the global food problem,Printing food with 3D printer, Or can ingest the nutrients necessary for human body without taking conventional mealSorrentoAlthough it is being developed, researchers at McGill University in Canada have developed highly nutritious "Power wheat flour"Is currently being developed.

Flour made with insects wins $ 1 M for McGill team - Technology & amp; Science - CBC News

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This study covered the students in September 2013Hult International AwardAnd seems to produce power wheat flour for 2000 people living in the slum by 2018 with a prize of 1 million dollars (about 100 million yen). Mohammed Ashour who leads the research team said, "Since we have the ambition to do this project in five years, winning is a big step."

Ashour is considering the use of grasshopper as raw material of flour as the grasshopper protein amount per 1 g of substance is more than beef, and the research team plans to hire Mexican farmers in cooperation with the advisory committee. In Mexico, as many as 4 million people suffer from malnutrition and insect foods are also popular as a way of dieting. At the moment the harvest season of the grasshopper is only 3 months and the harvesting method is hand picked but the farmers in Mexico are interested in breeding the grasshopper on a large scale.

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I do not have familiarity in America, but in GhanaYashio Oosa weevilIn Botswana, larvae of moths are eaten, and the culture of eating insects is not unusual when viewed worldwide. Therefore, it is thought that power wheat flour will be produced according to the culture of the country.

Researchers are already consuming kilograms of insects, some of whom have eaten any insects from larvae to beetles when they are studied in Thailand and some vegetarian researchers who ate insects seasoned with basil That's right.

It is not limited to power wheat flour, but in May 2013The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) insects are very useful as future foodWe are announcing the report. DutchUniversity of WageningenAccording to a FAO survey conducted jointly with the FAO, over 1900 insects are currently consumed as food for the whole world and the most consumed insects in the world are beetles (31%), caterpillar (18 %), Bees, hunting bees and ants (14%), grasshoppers, locusts and crickets (13%). Many insects are abundant in protein, rich in fat, high in calcium, iron, and lead, and they are said to be considerably nutritious.

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For exampleLarva of Abies sanctuary that Aborigines eatIs oleic acid andOmega 9 fatty acidThere are abundant,Grasshopper called ChaplinesGarlic, lime, salt in Mexico or saltGuacamoleAnd chilli powder, and has become an important protein source.Mopane wormNot only are they being eaten at home by sun-dried or smoked products, but also insect foods are being commercialized, such as being sold at supermarkets.

Also, in order to produce 1 kg of beef, 8 kg of food is necessary, insects of cold blooded animals do not need to use energy from feed to keep body temperature, so 1 kg of insects are fed with only 2 kg of feed It is the point that insects are excellent as foods that can be produced.

Considering these things, it is possible to replace fish meal with an insect's powder as animal feed even if insects do not circulate immediately as food, which makes it possible to increase the number of fish meal to be human food. Furthermore, it is now considered that insects consumed at home level not only save the food crisis, but also potential for employment and cash income as a potential processing industry.

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