Seven timings to quit your job

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Also in Japanlifetime employmentIn the situation where the collapse of people is calling out, the number of people who change career is increasing every year. If possible, I would like to continue working without changing my job, but there seems to be a "timing to change my job" in it.

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The fact that America's turnover rate in November 2013 has risen to 1.8%Wall Street JournalI'm telling you. This means that 2.4 million people quit their jobs, and this figure was the highest since the recession phase of the economy was over. Among the 2.4 million people, there are many people who quit their jobs at their own will, and most of them are said to have assumed a new job.

In the United States, job change is more common than in Japan, and there are economists who talk that many workers actively change jobs is also good for the economy as a whole to make it possible to rearrange the right people. In the mature USA of such a change job market, there is a thing called "the timing to change jobs"TIMEThe magazine features seven cases as "When to Change a Job".

1: When I hate work


The first timing was "When I felt exhausted from work, I felt my exhaustion due to my work." Change job siteTheLaddersAmanda Augustine said, "Many jobs are the steps to get to the" dream work "you draw, if everything about work wears you in the wrong direction, in the long run, dreams I can not connect with my work ", I will tell him that when I am disgusted with work and should not lead to the future, I should consider changing jobs.

2: When I break my body with stress

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Companies that train company executivesEnerpaceElan Kafaso, CEO, says, "If you hurt your mental and physical health by work stress, you should consider changing your job." Mr. Kafaso tells us that it is not worthwhile to work as a food for living when it breaks down the body or influences the relationship with the family, and when you wake up in the morning, you start with the beginning of the day If you think it is scary, it is time to quit that job.

3: When not getting into the environment

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"Everyone should have a qualified job to get top-notch technology, but if you do not get along well with the organization you will not be able to hope for success," Augustine says. Of course, as new workplaces are gradually becoming familiar, it is not a hurry, but even if you continue your work with a half year or a year, if you still feel like an outsider somewhere, He also said he should change his career as he continues.

4: When I was a terribly bad boss

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"The majority of people do not want to quit their jobs and do not want to quit, they do not want to dislike their boss," said Associate Professor Melides Ferguson of Utah State University. Mr. Ferguson said, "It is time to change jobs, as long as the situation is not improving or bad, as the boss has been touched by the boss.

5: When you master


Mr. Augustine said, "When work gets standards and you can master it as much as you can sleep, you should find a new job." First of all, please make sure that you have a career path that you can promote to the company, and if the way to go is closed, you should leave that company without hesitation.

6: When asked to illegally dye hands


Professor Paul Harvey of the University of New Hampshire says the alarm bell, "You should quit the company when you are forced to cheat on your company." Professor Harvey says that psychological influences will remain, even if that goes well at that time. With his boss's behavior as an example, his subordinates act and will act like a boss under injustice. Actions that were common in workplaces lacking ethics are often unfamiliar in the next workplace, and as a result, even if they acquire new jobs they will lose their jobs.

7: When the company's future is concerned

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When you feel uneasy about the future of the company or feel that your position is not safe, Mr. Augustine says it is time to start a new job search. AlsoM & amp; AIt is a good timing for a career change as it is tested whether you are a talent that you need for the company.

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