What are the harmful effects of long hours of overtime and overtime on employees and companies?


In principle, 8 hours a day, 40 hours or more in a weekLabor Standards ActIt is forbidden by,Black companyIt is also true that there are companies that do not comply with laws such as. , Why labor working longer than a prescribed time is prohibited, seven harmful effects that long-term labor brings to employees and companiesWe Are MammothIt is open to the public.

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◆ 1: Expect excessive expectation for clients and superiors


Clients and bosses who saw the result of work that worked for a long time misunderstood that "employees can do this at all times," there is a possibility that troubles may arise in subsequent work.

◆ 2: Companies that allow long hours of work have problems with employment and reputation

ByThomas Hawk

Working in 80 to 100 hours per week will adversely affect the health and spirit of employees and will cause people who retire without long-term. Also, the reputation of companies that forge long hours of employment is bad, problems arise in securing new talent, and as a result, companies are to narrow their heads themselves.

◆ 3: Long-term labor is a sign of leadership


To protect the deadline until long hours of work means that the project leader can not say strongly that "We can not agree on the delivery date of the product" to the client, meaning that we can not build an equal relationship with the client I will.

◆ 4: Long hours of labor occurred when project management did not go well


To be able to finish work by the end of the delivery weekend or overtime work until late is a sign that the project leader is having problems such as carelessness and time allocation mistakes for team members.

◆ 5: Overtime makes the life rhythm crazy

ByOlga Ferrer Saladié

The more you work overtime, the less time you spend on family services, meals, housework, sleeping, hobbies, etc. that you should have done after work, and the life rhythm will go wrong.

◆ 6: long hours of labor raises faith in the company

ByMinisterios Cash Luna

People who boast of overtime, such as "It was 22 o'clock when I finished my work yesterday" and so on, are misunderstanding that they will satisfy their self-esteem by working longer hours than others and will raise their evaluation. Long hours work is not a measure to measure the value as a worker.

◆ 7: Productivity can not be raised with long hours work

ByJeffrey Smith

Even if you work 80 hours a week, productivity will not rise as compared to the case where you work only 40 hours a week, contrary to long working hours stress accumulates, concentration skills and create creative ideas Even though it takes time. As a result, the goal is to finish work quickly, compromising without involving the content of work.

Working for a long time breaks the life rhythm of employees · Companies seem to have a bad influence on both sides, such as having employment problems. It seems profitable for companies and employees to keep work hours as stipulated by the Labor Standards Law and to do a heavy job in a short period of time.

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