How to find the "Royager" revealed by over 60 studies

Many people think that "I want to get a fun and meaningful occupation in order to work in society." Career guide site that publishes tips on finding jobs based on various research ·80,000 HoursBut I will explain what "meaning" actually means.

What's for a dream job? Here's what the evidence says.

Benjamin Todd, CEO of 80,000 Hours, says, "If you think with an intuitive inspiration, you can imagine that calligraphy is a passionate job." However, some people think that "easy and profitable work" is a calligraphy. When Mr. Todd analyzed more than 60 years of research over 20 years on occupation, it seems that he could not find a strong basis for "factor that raises satisfaction of life and occupation". Instead, he found six important elements that constitute a vocation.

According to Mr. Todd, income and passion are not much related to looking for a celestial job. As incomes increase, it gets harder to get a sense of satisfaction, and passion for work is not sought for the occupation itself, but can be raised while working on your favorite job. Mr. Todd's "Six Elements for Finding Renaissance" is as follows.

◆ 1:Flow stateTo get a job to put in
You can concentrate on tasks and keep your attention and the profession that is easy to enter the flow state can be said as "attractive occupation". Many scholars who are studying about occupation are asked to state that "As a condition of an attractive workplace, you can freely decide how to perform a job", "tasks are easy to understand, clearly defined from start to finish" It gives a variety of tasks including all kinds of tasks "and" I can get feedback ". These four conditions are related to work satisfaction and interaction.


◆ 2: To work on helping other people work
For example professions such as profit analysts, fashion designers, directors of news programs are consistent with the above four conditions, but 90% of the people actually working are not finding meaning in their profession Thing. For a fulfilling career, "engaging in meaningful work" is important. There are firefighters, midwives, brain surgeons and others who feel that almost all of the workers feel "meaningful work", and any occupation has a common term "to help others". Also, survey results indicate that people with a higher volunteer spirit are less likely to become depressed and healthier.

ByChris Brown

◆ 3: Make things that you are good at work
By making things that you are good at work makes it easier to get a sense of accomplishment. You can also acquire bargaining power to participate in meaningful projects, undertake tasks, and get appropriate wages. For these two reasons, ability is a stronger element than interest. For example, even if you like art, you can not succeed as a career without sufficient abilities. However, this does not mean "you should just work that you are already good at", but "to utilize potential abilities to work".

ByDaniel Cukier

◆ 4: Colleagues are cooperative
A good human relationship is one of the elements that increases the satisfaction of life. It would be difficult for you to be satisfied with your work unless your sister and sister work with your colleague or your boss. According to a meta-analysis, it turns out that cooperation from colleagues is very much involved in job satisfaction. Therefore, when thinking about job hunting, think about the essence of work and should think about colleagues well, such as "Do co-workers cooperate with newcomers?" "Workplace environment where employees can cooperate with each other?" And that.

By드림 포유유

◆ 5: Basic desire is satisfied by work
All the above four conditions are important for satisfying with work. On the other hand, "length of commuting time" "length of working hours" "not getting enough wages" "job instability" can lead to dissatisfaction of work. These discontent factors tend to be overlooked often during job hunting, but you should consider merit and disadvantage of work well before you get to work.

ByRafiq Sarlie

◆ 6: Take a job that is compatible with private
It is not necessary to satisfy all of the above five conditions in job search. It is possible to get a satisfaction even for work that only satisfies some conditions. The condition to keep in mind is "Choose a job that you can walk together for the rest of your life."

ByEvil Erin

◆ Summary
"It is important not to worry too much about wages and stress in order to get a civil service, it is not good to chase only one passion and find jobs," Todd says. Mr. Todd concludes that mastering the ability to help other people is the best choice for both individuals and society.

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