"Firefox 47" official version released, Widevine CDM and VP9 codec support


Firefox 47 has been released. "Widevine CDM" and "VP9 codec" are supported, and you can play YouTube movies without Flash.

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Firefox 47.0 Release Notes

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Firefox 47.0 Release Notes for Android

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◆ Desktop version download
· Windows version

· Mac OS X version

· Linux version

◆ New Features Added (Desktop Version)
Tabs such as smartphones and other PCs that have been synchronized with Firefox Sync function can now be browsed and searched in the sidebar.

Click "View" → "Sidebar" → "Sync tab".

In the sidebar, open tabs on the synced terminal are displayed.

In Firefox 47, Google's "Widevine CDM" is supported. This makes it possible to switch the use of streaming services like Amazon Video from "Silverlight" to encrypted HTML5 video. Also, even if Flash is not installed, YouTube movies can be played in HTML5. further,VP9Codecs are also being served, making it possible to play high quality and light movies.

Also, the JavaScript library that was activated from Firefox 3FUELHas been deleted. However, the setting "xpinstall.signatures.required" to activate extensions that are not digitally signed was scheduled to be removed in Firefox 47, but this will be canceled again and postponed to Firefox 48 or later It is.

· You can now use Google's Widevine CDM for Windows and Mac versions. As a result, streaming services like Amazon Video can be switched from Sliverlight to encrypted HTML5.

· When using a high-speed machine, VP9 codec can be used

· When Flash is not installed, playback of Youtube embedded in the page is now done using HTML5 video element

· List display of tabs opened on smartphone and other terminals and search now can be done with sidebar

· When you go forward, you can no-cache resources that are delivered on https

· Ratgale was added to the locale. According to Wikipedia, it is the language which 164,500 uses on a daily basis.

◆ Change (Desktop Version)

· FUEL (Firefox User Extension Library) has been deleted. This will cause dependent add-ons to stop working.

· To avoid problems with e10s performance, the value of browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand preference is reset to normal true

· The click-to-active plugin whitelist has been deleted

◆ New features added (Android version)
It supports Web 5 font of HTML5 with Firefox 47 for Android. This will speed up the site image display and reduce the amount of data communication. The Web font is activated in the initial state in "Settings" → "Advanced settings".

- "Web font display / no display" has been added to advanced settings to reduce bandwidth and data usage

◆ Change (Android version)

· It will be the last release for Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread)

· When a page set to reread by meta tag becomes background, data communication of that page is stopped now

· "Opening multiple links" under the customization has been renamed to "Tub Queue"

· Android web runtime (WebRT) is no longer supported

· Favicon is no longer displayed in URL bar to avoid HTTPS spoofing

The next version of Firefox 48 will be released on Tuesday, August 2, 2016.

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