When comparing internet charges all over the world, why is it so expensive in the United States?

ByLindsey Turner

In the United States, the Internet line fee used at home is very expensive compared to other countries, it is about 3 times per month compared to Japan, about 5 times as much as monthly as compared with Korea. Why is the internet fee so expensive in the US?BBCI reveal the reason.

BBC News - Why is broadband more expensive in the US?

American think tankNew America FoundationHowever, as a result of surveying the fee of package plans in which the Internet, television and telephone lines of each country are collected, it became clear that in the urban areas of the United States, a much more expensive plan than the other countries was provided It was.

The graph below compares several places in the US with package plans of other countries. The blue bar represents the monthly fee, and the yellow bar represents the speed of the internet line that will be available in the package plan. In the graph, the price difference in various places appears well, and in the case of San Francisco it is 99 dollars (about 10,000 yen), in New York it is 70 dollars (about 7200 yen), Washington DC is 68 dollars (about 7000 yen) and a similar line speed Whereas a package plan can be used, the same type of plan is available for the U.K. London for 38 dollars (about 3900 yen), French Paris for 35 dollars (about 3600 yen), and Korean soul for $ 15 (about 1500 yen) It becomes available.

In the study of the New America Foundation,OECDWe also use the results of the research, and we compare the average price of the Internet line (high speed line of 45 Mbps or more) in 33 countries. Among the 33 countries, the United States has the fourth highest price setting of 90 dollars (about 9,200 yen), while Japan has the equivalent Internet service available at one third of the price of the United States.

According to Susan Crawford, who has worked as a special assistant for President Obama's science and technology innovation production, according to Mr. Susan Crawford, Americans are paid a high fee because there are no other options. There are many ISPs (internet service providers) in the country itself, but as you go to the region, the number of traders will be one or two, so the options will be limited in the first place.

"We have relaxed the regulations on high-speed Internet access for the last 10 years but we have seen how the Internet service market is monopolistic.This monopoly market is a service provider who is a government I am born because I will not face the eyes of watching, "Susan said. Furthermore, two-thirds of the users who use the Internet in the United States are using the one via the television cable, which is faster than the DSL service provided by the telephone company in many areas, and the satellite communication service And it seems that there are many areas that are not usable in wireless service.

In some areas including Kansas City, Kansas, 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) Internet service,Google FiberAlthough it seems that it can be used for 70 dollars a month (about 7200 yen), the oligopoly state is still continuing in rural areas, so it seems that the situation in which it is forced to pay a high usage fee in the United States in this way.

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