Death of startup, in case of "Delight"

ByMio Cade

Points for starting up startupwhat I have to do·What you should not doAlthough various things are said, startup startup is the starting point to the last, and constant challenge and feedback are necessary to keep the company. Analyze "How the application developed by you is actually used"Software Development Kit (SDK)DevelopedDelightAlthough it was doing very well, in January 2014 I finished all the work, "Why did my startup fail?" "What was effective in what the startup did? It is self-analyzing that "?"

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◆ 01: The price is determined by the value of the service

BySheng Han

Delight's most expensive plan was $ 300 (about 30,000 yen), but as for price it's never complained that the user is "too expensive" and the reason why Delight failed is simply the customer's expectation Thomas Pun, the founder, says that it is due to failed to provide the service to do. If the price is appropriate for goods and services, it seems that there is no problem even if it is somewhat expensive.

◆ 02: Customer pays money for analyzed information, not raw data

ByDave Dugdale

Because customers need to behave intellectually in front of investors, they want data that has already been analyzed in an easy-to-understand manner, not raw data. Delight's team was always thinking that the data provided by the SDK should have been analyzed so that users can get information with just a glance, but it could not be realized.

◆ 03: Add a price to promote purchase and contract


Initially, the price of the service was determined by the number of credit cards owned by the user, but most users are careful not to use up to the limit amount so much as care about credit card credit information It was. Since the number of users has increased after setting prices based on credit information rather than the number of credit cards, it is good to plan pricing that encourages purchase of goods.

◆ 04: Do not ignore inactive users

ByErik Ogan

In the case of Delight, in order to confirm the credit information, the user must first process the time-consuming process of installing, distributing and using the application after installing the SDK for iOS, so leave it in the middle I heard that an inactive user was occurring. It seems that if you have constructed a system to examine users at each stage of the process and properly deal with inactive users, they may have produced different results.

◆ 05: Welcome · Mail is useful

ByDavid Street

When Delight sent a welcome email including a message saying "How are you planning to use the service?" To new users, 10% of users have replied. Welcome mail can be said to be a very useful item because we understood the target market by reply and understood that "user wants to know for problem solving".

◆ 06:Content marketingIs an effect


The reason that it was from the famous blog that the largest number of flow from the outside was history. Also, the effectiveness of blogs may be long-lasting, and new users have come constant constantly throughout the year from good blogging blogs.

◆ 07: firmly decide the axis of the company

ByRob Woodcox

Delight's SDK was born of the weakness that emerged when the team was developing the second application, but even after the SDK was born, the team was still being forced to change direction. The company was originally established with a focus on changes in movie consumption at mobile terminals, but in the end it was focused on building development tools. It was thought that SDK is promising from the early period, but he said that he had been waiting for time. Because the company constantly changes the direction, in the end it has become unknown the direction the company is aiming.

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