Kit "MicroSlice" which can make self-made ultra-small semiconductor laser machining machine / engraving machine

Laser processing machine · engraving machine which can process and engrave wood and acrylic board with your favorite design using ultra-small size which can be put on the desk, easily assembled by oneself, using open source software "MicroSlice"is.

The MicroSlice | A Mini Arduino Laser Cutter & Engraver. By Gregory L Holloway - Kickstarter

You can check what kind of hardware MicroSlice is in the following movie.

Gregory Holloway who developed MicroSlice.

MicroSlice is a small machine ahead of the looked back gaze.

MicroSlice has red color in the range of 5 cm squareSemiconductor laserLaser machining is possible using.

Mr. Holloway said "MicroSlice is a compact microcomputer boardArduino UNOIt is made using, and the software used is open source. "

You can cut paper and engrave on wood and plastic.

As a laser processing machine / engraving machine MicroSlice which can be said to be ultra compact, is a kit that can be made by itself from parts ......

It consists of over 150 parts ... ...

It is possible to assemble without using special tools.

This is a complete body of MicroSlice.

Two types of semiconductor lasers are prepared: 100 mW standard model and 200 mW high power model.

It is engraved on a pencil ......

It is possible to burn texts and pictures on cork boards.

softwareInkscapeYou can reproduce the exact design you made with. However, because it is a red semiconductor laser, it is not possible to cut wood and metal like a CO2 laser cutter, so be careful.

The following movie shows how MicroSlice is engraving pictures on wooden boards.

The MicroSlice | A tiny Arduino laser cutter & engraver. - YouTube

Mr. Holloway previously used a cloud funding siteKickstarterso"LittleBoxIt is calledRaspberry PiWe launched a self-made PC kit project using, but did not reach the target capital contribution amount. The project itself failed, but Mr. Holloway who made his own laser cutter to produce a kit for Little Box said he decided to "make a kit type laser cutter".

And finished was "MicroSlice", it was close to the deadlineI entered the Radioshack microcomputer contest and I finished my victory. Mr. Holloway made a laser cutter for making a toy with a kit like a toy "Is the chicken the first, or the egg ahead?I felt like a dilemma.

Anyway, in order to commercialize MicroSlice developed in this way, Mr. Holloway is now seeking a capital investment by launching the MicroSlice project with Kickstarter, already exceeding the target investment amount of 30,000 pounds (about 5 million yen) It is a fantastic revenge play.

In the MicroSlice project, it is possible to get a set of MicroSlice assembly kit with a capital of 199 pounds (about 33,000 yen), and get a set of MicroSlice assembly kit of 200 mW high power laser model with investment of 249 pounds (about 41,000 yen) I can do it.

As for the deadline of investment in MicroSlice,Japan time on February 23, 2014 4:59 amIt has become.

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