RoboCop has changed his appearance for the first time in 27 years and resurrected, and bean sprinkled with Shibamata Teishin Temple

RoboCop is a movie released in 1987Robocop"Robot police officer appeared in the movie series from the popularity was made to TV series and animation. The robot cup was changed for the first time in 27 years and resurrected, and a movie drawn as a new hero "RobocopPrior to the release of "Katsushika / Kameari police station signed with Masumi Maki event to be held at Shibamata Katsushika in Tokyo Katsushika Ward, we actually went to see.

Kobudachi · Kamedari police station where RoboCop participates Arrive at Shibamata Takanaga in Makihama Maki event venue.

The precincts in the precincts two hours before the event start, there are not many people there and it is a calm atmosphere.

The stage where RoboCop carries out bean - maki.

In the list of "Most Distributed" is written "Robocop", it is clearly distinctive.

RoboCop quietly appeared in the precincts for the commemorative photographing before the start of bean mulling.

Robocop wearing a new black suit and holding a special pistol.

There is a surreal atmosphere somewhere from Robocop which does not move slightly under pine trees.

Pose with ogre who participates in bean maki event.

Sprinkle his arm towards the red demon ......

Poppy beans.

RoboCop which finished the commemorative photographing is "Katsushika police station's"Crime Pleasure Fighter"And the beautiful girl Moe karaHonda Ayame"While walking around the approach path while calling for crime prevention.

RoboCop to respond politely to the worshipers who bow.

People who visited Shibamata Takatori, such as taking a picture with RoboCop and taking a memorial photograph, also had a sudden surprise rise.

RoboCop returned to the precincts again looks very cool.

RoboCop went back to the temple once in preparation for the Bean Maki event.

Prior to the Bean Maki event, RoboCop appeared on the stage for the crime prevention campaign of the Katsushika / Kameari police station.

RoboCop was appealing for eradication of crime such as transfer fraud by raising his arm with "Aio."

RoboCop returning to Terauchi after finishing the crime prevention campaign.

There are also RoboCop's appearances, and many worshipers gathered in the precincts.

In the temple it is doing evil towards the customers the demons gathered.

When the bean-maki start time comes, RoboCop finally has beans and appears on the stage.

Following RoboCop, all the people who did bean maki entered.

Demons start to be bad on the stage. In order to get rid of demons, you must throw beans.

So that's the start of Maki Maki. Everyone says beans will start throwing beans down the stage all at once saying "Out of the demon outside, Fukuhara inside!"

Worshipers who bring hands to catch beans under the stage.

RoboCop also raised her arms ......

Beans beans!

Next time throw down ......

Again again!

Some of the worshipers who were excited to catch the beans used some hats.

RoboCop which finishes throwing all the beans in the box and refills the beans.

I will throw down the beans again.

RoboCop which throws beans toward various directions in order to have many visitors catch the beans.

Poace the beans from the bottom to the nearby people.

Catch the beans that pour down from the top, stretching their arms as precisely.

After finishing throwing out all the beans, the event is over.

RoboCop will also return to the temple.

RoboCop to show off to the worshipers who gathered again a lot before entering the temple.

The Bean Maki event was also the emergence of RoboCop, showed great excitement, and the gathering worshipers also seemed to enjoy Maki Bean. In addition, the movie "Robocop" in which RoboCop which is resurrected for the first time in 27 years is active will be released from March 14, 2014.

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