Five ways to communicate your opinion well and convince others without hurting others


When discussing about the schedule of traveling with a friend at a company, sometimes I feel embarrassed or deny other opinions, even if a good idea comes up, there are things I can not say after all . Thinking that "I might hurt someone by opinion" is effective for improving my image to others, but then there is no meaning of the meeting. However, even though I think "I have to say my opinion properly", it is also true that there are some people who can not properly speak due to their character,Harvard Business ReviewTells her opinions without hurting other people, and publishes five ways to facilitate meetings and meetings.

Conflict Strategies for Nice People - Liane Davey - Harvard Business Review

◆ 1: "but" but "and"

ByErik Gustafson

When hitting the opposite opinion to the opinion of another person, we use "and" which is not a negative "but" but rather adds one's opinion to the other's opinion. For example, "If you think that you should leave a budget for customers, I think that I should leave my budget for newcomers' education, what do other members think?" You can avoid conversations that will become waist, and you can also have the effect of raising problem solving ability of group members.

◆ 2: Use "assumption"

ByDavid Blackwell.

If someone is opposed to his opinion, I've heard that you think that you need an excellent salesperson for this campaign.If you can adopt an excellent salesperson for your campaign, It is also effective to have a scenario imagined when supposing that you adopted the opponent's opinion, such as "How does the campaign go?"

◆ 3: Ask the influence of adopting the opponent's idea

ByJD Hancock

Rather than saying "If you sell this product in the US alone, it will be offensive to South American customers'" rather than saying, "If you sell this product only in the US, how will South American customers react It is better to ask yourself, "Trying?", That you can tell that you respect your opponent, and you do not hurt the other party.

◆ 4: Thinking about the problem sleeping at the root


If you disagree with the opinion of the other person, think about "Why did the person think of this idea?" Rather than denying the other's idea. If you can understand the problem sleeping at the root of your opponent's opinion, you may come up with a new solution.

◆ 5: Seek help

ByAlex Eylar

Occasionally crowds sometimes come up from group members, and to such an opinion, telling them that they can not understand their opponents well, and listening back to them that they do not hurt others will not hurt others Effective for seeking another solution with. If the other party 's opinion is really useless, it is possible for other members to bring a helping ship and bring the discussion in a different direction.

It is not a pleasant thing to convey your opinion when opinions disagree with the other party, but it is very important to think as a team. Different opinions from members will give diversity to projects and plans and lead to risk management so you should be able to conduct higher level meetings by hitting your ideas more and more without fear of hurting other people .

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