How to earn "Kickstarter" by investing and & attention pointed out from experiences that have been invested

From the experience that we have invested in nearly 50 projects so far, it is important to know how to smoothly finance the investment and how to do after the investment, further consider what kind of points should be invested in further investment On the other hand, I tried to summarize what kind of things I should be careful about when asking for contributions with Kickstarter.


◆ Before you first invest in Kickstarter, first create an account

Top pageClick "Sign up" in the upper right

I will enter it in the area written "New to Kickstarter?" In the middle in turn.
FULL NAME: Enter your name and surname in the alphabet
EMAIL: Enter your email address
RE-ENTER EMAIL: Enter the e-mail address you entered again and confirm
PASSWORD: Enter your alphanumeric password for Kickstarter by yourself
RE-ENTER PASSWORD: Enter the alphanumeric password you entered again and confirm
After inputting all, click "Sign me up"

Because I log in automatically, click "Me" in the upper right, click "Edit settings" from the menu

In the "Location" area, enter the place name of the place where you live in the alphabet. Since this time in Osaka, if you enter "Osaka", the candidates are lined up at the bottom, so click "Osaka-shi, Japan"

Next, when you click the drop-down menu of "Time zone", it comes out in various ways, so click "(GMT + 09: 00) Osaka" from there

Click on "Save settings" at the bottom to get ready for Phase 1

Then, when you go to see each project while logged in, the deadline date will be displayed in Japan's date and time, which makes it very easy to understand.

◆ First time investment in Kickstarter

The investment plan lined up to the right of each project page, the more you go, the more deluxe it becomes. Written "Pledge" is cash funds, the number of people who declared "backers" already written as "Limited" is limited by the number of investors and how many remaining It shows you where you are. "Estimated delivery" is an indication of when the return of investment will be shipped around, and the last "Add $ 7 USD to ship outside the US" means that the shipping fee outside the US is $ 7. This time I'd like to get "1 dollar" contribution and 1 card deck and 1 chip, so click as it is.

After confirming that "Pledge amount" automatically becomes the "22 dollars" added according to the setting of the area / country where you live, click "Continue to next step"

Click "Continue to Amazon"

Go to the page on Amazon Payments. Since I can not use the account of Japan's account, please check "I am a new customer." And click the "Sign in using our secure server" button

We will enter them in order as follows.
My name is: Enter your name and surname in the alphabet
My e-mail address is: Enter your email address
Type it again: Enter the e-mail address you entered again and confirm
Enter a new password: Choose an alphanumeric password for and enter it yourself
Type it again: Enter the alphanumeric password you entered again and confirm
Type characters: Enter the alphanumeric characters displayed in "Image" directly above.
After inputting all, click "Create account"

Select the brand name of your credit card from the drop down menu at the bottom of "Pay with new card" and click

We will enter them in order as follows.
Credit Card No.: Enter credit card number without hyphen (-)
Cardholder's Name: Enter your name on the credit card in alphabet capital letters
Expiration Date: Select the expiration date "month" "year" stated on the credit card
After inputting all, click "Continue"

We will enter them in order as follows.
Full Name: Enter your name and surname in the alphabet
Address Line 1: Enter the address part of the address
Address Line 2: Enter building name etc. of address
City: Enter the name of the city in alphabet
State / Province / Region: Enter prefecture name with alphabet
Zip / Postal Code: Enter zip code with hyphen
Country: Select "Japan"
Phone Number: Enter phone numbers with hyphens, enter them normally in the model used in Japan OK
In short, it is easy to understand by entering "State / Province / Region" → "City" → "Address Line 1" → "Address Line 2". In case you get confused about how to write in the alphabetNet service "JuDress" which converts Japanese address to address in English notationLucky if you use.
After inputting all, click "Continue"

Click "Confirm"

It will be successful if it is displayed as "Congratulations!" Complete if you receive an e-mail with a subject beginning with "You Have Authorized a Payment to Kickstarter, Inc." to the e-mail address registered from Amazon, then wait as it is until the deadline of the investment OK. If there is any progress, a notification e-mail will be delivered automatically to the e-mail address of registration whenever there is progress.

And when the deadline comes, from Amazon, it will be settled when you receive an e-mail with your subject "Your Payment to 【has fulfilled the name of the project here】 has succeeded". If it does not reach the target price, it will not be settled and it will flow normally.

◆ Response after the invested project reaches the target amount and goes on

Absolutely should be dealt with when bars and buttons labeled "Respond now" are displayed at the top of the page. In the case of notice by e-mail,Response Needed!It is written that it will be sent many times until replying. When you receive a reply essential mail, log in to Kickstarter immediately and click "Respond now".

Of this timeAbout 0.8 mm thick, the world's thinnest watch made of stainless steel and electronic paper "CST-01"In case of, we will reply the shipping address, color / size etc of the wrist watch. After answering, click "Submit"

If you click "Done" it is OK.

Also, if there is any message from the investee, you can see it by clicking the mail icon. If you contact us if there is a question before investment, the reply will also arrive here.

It looks like this, it is the feeling that you write the reply message by reading the body of the message to the left, the body at the right. If there is a question before the investment, if there is a question after investment, you will exchange here.

Earth icons are made to be able to see the activity history, that is, the activity history of what kind of state the currently invested project is currently in. It is the same feeling as the timeline where you can see the remarks of the user who followed you on Twitter. If you look at them chillly, you will soon see the current progress of the project you financed.

Notes on considering investment

From the experience of investing in nearly 50 projects, points to be noted beforehand are as follows.

· If it is not "shopping" such as net shopping, it is not an investment,It is only "investment" to the lastSo, even if you finally lose all the investment amount and you do not get anything, you need to be prepared to basically complain (in the case of fraud, this is not the case).

- The category of "Technology" "Games" takes a long time to complete, the failure rate is also increased as much time is taken, and the state of death and death cumulative.I rarely go on schedule. Just a cheering state just proceeding as planned, a miracle if it is ahead of schedule. Up to now we have invested nearly 50, but nothing is done ahead of schedule, and three have advanced as planned.

· When "prototype" is completed at the recruitment stage, it is quite smooth, and conversely if it is only CG model or concept, it will be pretty difficult. Whether or not there is a real thing is quite important, if it is only a simple idea, it is easy to moss. The higher the percentage of the hands actually moved to some extent is higher, the easier it is to succeed, which is harder to delay than planned.

· It is clear that what we have done as a result of past movements and what is missing is clear, and the project which knows exactly what to use funds collected by investment is comparatively safe. Whether or not this knows what to concrete before completion of the stuff you get when you contribute.

· In the case of a person who has already succeeded already with Kickstarter, it often goes very smoothly. This can be grasped by clicking on the name of the initiator of the project as it knows the project name made in the past.

· We are making different products at this stage, and the probability of success is also very high for projects that solicit investment for new products. The credibility is higher the more experience you have, or the better you are working as a corporation, company or pro.

· When it exceeds the target price, saying "stretch" sometimes adds elements to be added or updated for each target amount, but if it is too large, it will usually cause delay in stretching so be careful . When collecting a large amount of investment money too much, it turns high this time.

· It is difficult for moss to project like "Create a stationery with handmade!" Or "Create an icon!" Or "Take a picture" or "Make a cartoon!"

· Software systems such as application development and net service development are easy to complete even if they are difficult to understand. Eventually it is due to being able to consign it to an excellent development company with gold collected. However,Game exceptionIt is extremely difficult to maintain motivation, making it difficult to complete.

· Questions before investment are asked to the other party by e-mail, comment writing etc. There are many cases where they are summarized and reflected in the FAQ from time to time.

· For "Early Bird" "Early Adapter", if there is a plan that is offered cheaply / cheaply for those who first invested, it is no longer a kind of bet. To reduce risk as much as possible, it is necessary to collect a lot of investment, so sharing on the net "Why did you invest in such!" Leads to risk hedging.

· When you think about "Whether you can help when the project falls into crisis" you know that the person's character is also important when making a contribution. Investment is sure to get painful whenever you feel in customer's mood.

◆ On the other hand, notes to those who recruit funds with Kickstarter

· Before suddenly asking for investment, first make some investment in someone's project and experience the mood of the investor side.

· It is necessary to plan beforehand including "stretch" when target amount or more gathers.

· Update is frequently done via Kickstarter. When it is updated, e-mail arrives to the investor, and it is notified also at the time of login and application start. Even minor progress can be made, so if there is such report, the investor will feel at ease as circumstances soon will be reassured and trouble will not occur when correcting the orbit again. Abandon neglect, absolute.

· There are two types of updates, one that can be seen only by those who contributed, and others that can be seen by anyone, and can send individual mails to their own "Inbox", so these three types must be used separately. Normally small progress is updated only with texts so that only the investor can see it, and when it can be reported with a lot of photographs and movies, it is updated in the public, checking the shipping destination etc in each final stage in the final stage Separate contact if you do, and safe to do. Because it is because this published history is to be taken as a considerable reference when you sell it on your site further after sending out for investors.

· It is essential to questionnaire and comment beforehand when correcting orbit. Surprisingly there are experts among the investors, and advice such as "If you use this material if you keep it within budget it should be OK" "If you select a supplier based on this standard it will be cheaper and the quality will be higher" gathers advice. It is more important to shout "Taskete!" Even if you shame even if you try to manage it by themselves alone. Since the investors are longing for completion, most people who cooperate to complete it will not be "returning money."

· Always be behind schedule. Rather, when it is shipped as planned or it is ahead of schedule, it is a level that is acknowledged as "miracle!" "Wow!" So prepare an apology message in case you are late. Whether you can accept it if it is delayed depends on the trust relationship, that is, updating the detailed update directly leads to the construction of the trust relationship. It is only that.

· If you have a surprise you will be pleased. For example, as a delayed apology, only when attaching "omake" "message" at the time of shipment the feeling changes drastically. There is no need to get into a package like Apple, but when it is strangely received with just one message of Pella Ureshii.

· Hardware and technology systems are difficult to procure materials, and when collecting a lot of money the suppliers who saw it raise the price and come to extend the due dates if they do not respond to price increases. Therefore, "stretch" becomes essential as a defensive measure for that.

· If it is so large that it can not be completed by one person, it is essential that there are two top level. Maintaining motivation is extremely difficult with only one person, and help is difficult to make out when it is difficult.

· Placing movies on not only Kickstarter but also YouTube and Vimeo. Because Kickstarter has a surprisingly low image quality and is heavy.

· Official site installation is mandatory. Since someone who wants to apply even after finishing collecting funds surely comes out, we will guide you to the official website by saying "reservation". As its name suggests, Kickstarter stays in the starting line, and it is important to have a mechanism for continuing after standing.

Therefore, I am pleased if you invest in Kickstarter, on the contrary it will be helpful for recruiting investment.

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