"Vision glasses" familiar with CM song applied for civil rehabilitation law, liabilities amounted to 7.7 billion yen

"Vision glasses" which is developing familiarly with "Koishi, Kanto, Chubu Region" mainly in the CM song of "♪ Good · Communication ~" and its parent company "Vision Glasses" and November 25 I applied for the application of the civil rehabilitation law to the Tokyo district court on the day and received a maintenance order. The debt amount is 7.7 billion yen.

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Here TVCM was familiar in the living room

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According to the information, Vision · Holdings founded in October 1976, expanded its business by inheriting shops from the same company and opened its store in April 2000, announced its annual sales of about 172 in the fiscal year ended March 2002 We posted 17 million yen.

However, sales dropped sharply with the rise of the low price shop from around 2005, and it has been the current account deficit for the second consecutive term from 2008 to 2009. Also, in March 2009, it was delisted from the JASDAQ stock exchange as the influence of unexpected audit opinion was serious. In February 2012, we began rebuilding, including entering under a umbrella of foreign-affiliated companies, and reviewing repayment conditions with financial institutions, etc. Consolidated results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 will be sold in consolidated settlement of accounts for the fiscal year ending December 2012 The loss was about 6,092.4 million yen, the loss for the current term was about 280.5 million yen, which did not lead to the failure of the deficit management, which was the measure of this time.

In addition, the company is planning to continue to rebuild business with support of the sponsor candidate "management strategy joint office", and it seems that the shop management etc. of the immediate future will continue.

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