Ninety-nine electrical machines of PC shops apply for civil rehabilitation law and will be accepted

Based on Akihabara, the ninety-nine electric machines of the PC shop which had been developing chains in Sapporo, Nagoya and Osaka applied for civil rehabilitation law and it seems that it was accepted.

The total debt amount is about 11 billion yen.

Details are as below.
4 - Kujiku Electric Co., alleges civil rehabilitation proceedings. Is it de facto bankruptcy?

According to 4 Gamer, Kujiku Electric Co., Ltd. filed a complaint against Tokyo District Court today for civil rehabilitation proceeding decision today at 10:00, and it was accepted. As of the end of August 2008, the total liabilities will be about 11 billion yen.

It seems that it is the biggest cause of borrowing due to real estate acquisitions during the bubble period and business expansion.

Imperial Databank [TDB] Akihabara famous personal computer shop Kujiku Electric Co., Ltd. Application for application of civil rehabilitation law Liability 11 billion yen

According to Teikoku Databank, the settlement of accounts for the fiscal year ended August 2008, which had been forecasting revenue and earnings forecasts, did not grow, and there was also a delay in payment to some business partners.

It is unclear what will happen with respect to the products currently being ordered and long-term security, but is there absorption merger etc. by other PC shops?

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