Vampire moth sucking blood of people is found in Russia

I think that there are many people who think of mosquitoses if it is famous for insects sucking blood, but it seems that some type of moth sucking blood is found in Russia even in moths.

Entomologists thought that the moth that had eaten only fruits might have evolved and it is unclear how many inbred moths live inhabited. It is a body much larger than a mosquito, so it seems that it will increase the bad mood when you suck blood.

Details are as below.
Pictures taken when the moth sucked the finger's blood

In Finland, moths which had already sucked blood called Calyptra thalictri have been discovered, but the moths discovered this time are evolving differently from Calyptra thalictri and Jennifer Zaspel, an insectivist of the University of Florida Says.

However, because there is hardly any apparent difference in appearance, we are going to do a comparative analysis with Russian blood-sucking moth in January next year. If moths that eat fruits came to suck blood, Zaspel says it will be a clue to see what process moths began sucking blood.

You can also see blood-sucking moth movies from the link below.
Vampire Moth Discovered - Evolution at Work

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