Research results that misfortune that suddenly loss of property greatly affects health

byPedro Ribeiro Simões

If you lose property such as savings, houses, cars, etc. overnight due to fraud and investment failure, that shock will not only mentally but also physically have a big influence, the physical condition will be lost or the life span will be shortened If you tend to be social psychologist at the University of MelbourneNick HaslamHe insists.

Losing wealth, health and life: how financial loss can have catastrophic effects

A paper published in 1990According to a survey of mental health conditions for people who have lost their retirement payment due to bank fraud, people who lost their property reported depression andAnxiety disordThe proportion of the anxiolytic drug increased significantly, and the prescription of the anxiolytic drug also increased. Similarly, foreclosure of mortgage loans (PDF file) AndRising unemployment rateAnother study has revealed that it has similar effects.

In addition, the rate of depression and anxiety disorder tends to be higher in men, and in Ireland the male suicide rate increased by 57% between 2008 and 2012the studyHaslam shows it. There is also a possibility that it may be related to the deterioration of the economic situation and the incidence of child abusethe studyIt is said that it is indicated by.


It was announced in April 2018paperSo, it is reported that results of 20 years of research for 8714 Americans 51 to 61 years old have been reported. According to the paper, those who have lost more than 75% of their assets over the course of two years have found that the death rate is 50% higher than the wealthier. Approximately half of those who experienced a shock of losing their property died without waiting 20 years and their mortality rate was almost the same as the poor who did not possess property since the start of the study.

In addition to this research, Mr. Haslam also said that "shocks when women, ethnic minorities, widows, and single people lose their property are greater," "the risk of death from property loss is particularly large when the house is lost" Three points are said to be able to read three points: the person with greater shock when losing property has a stronger tendency that the original property was rich.

Also, Mr. Haslam is considering that as the reason why the death rate of people who lost their property suddenly rises, they do not go to hospitals and dental clinics so much and drink medicine increases without observing the correct prescription by doctors. The recession of society and households will encourage unhealthy behavior and choices and encourage fast food and alcohol intake. "


Meanwhile, suddenly hitting the lottery that a person whose property has increased has never become healthythe studyThere also exists. Mr. Haslam insists that changes in the living environment due to economic conditions not only affect health but also the mental shocks that are incurred when the property is lost, causing mental and physical deterioration of health doing.

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