Bitcoin's Mt. Gox applies for civil rehabilitation proceedings

A virtual currency based in TokyoBitcoin (bit coin)Major exchange "Mt.Gox (Mount GOX)"Applied today for the application of the civil rehabilitation law to the Tokyo District Court.

Virtual currency "bit coin" deal brokerage website operated MTGOX applied for civil rehabilitation Law liability 6,500 million yen - large bankruptcy bulletin | Teikoku Databank [TDB]

Mt. Gox suffered cyber attacks several times from around May 2013 and lost 75 thousand BTC who was entrusted with management by the user and 100 thousand BTC owned by the company by around 24 February.

In February 2014, it shows that "Bit coin of cumulative total about 750,000 BTC (market price to about 40 billion yen) was robbed"Internal documents are leakedHowever, from this application for civil rehabilitation proceedings documents, it turned out that this monologue was a fact.

The debt amount of Mt. Gox is about 6,500 million yen.

Trouble with MtGox applying for civil rehabilitation procedure and future Bitcoin - GIGAZINE

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