Household appliance mass merchandising store chain "Sakura and others" liquidates the company, closes all stores

It was revealed that the household appliance mass merchandiser store chain "Sakura and others" developed mainly in the Kanto region cleared up the company and closed all stores.

Once in line with Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera3 Turtles"Although it was an electronics mass retailer called an" home appliance mass retailer ", in contrast to the two companies that have steadily expanded nationwide, it seems that the decision was made that" the mediation of reconstruction is not established "in response to the slump in business performance.

Details are as below.
BEST Electric Appliances / President / President Retiring, Sakura and Liquidation - Distribution News

Best electrical appliances, settling for Sakuraya Mr. Fukasawa to new president - MSN Sankei news

According to these articles, Best Electrical Appliances, whose business performance will continue to be sluggish, are expected to formulate a business restructuring plan today, such as the second consecutive quarterly operating loss.

Among the business restructuring plans are mentioned, such as reviewing the personnel organization, comprehensively taking into consideration the profitability of each store and the possibility of improving the performance of cash flow, and deciding on closed stores, etc., and the subsidiary Sakura He said that he decided to withdraw and liquidate on the assumption that the rebuilding medal will not stand at the moment.

Sakura in the east exit of Shinjuku Station. Because it is a very conspicuous signboard at night, is not there a lot of people in memory

Following this decision,Sakuraya's official pageHas set up a special page to notify that all stores are closed on February 28 (Sunday), 2010 and calls for early use of accumulated points and gift certificates. Moreover, guarantee of extended warranty service "HOT security assured" will be done as originally submitted.

Announcement of Sakura and all stores closed

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