Wallie · pigeon · human · sexy sister etc. Street view casually shot by strange strange people Summary

You can see various land and roads around the world in Google Street View, but in 2013Inside CERNYaMount FujiIt is now possible to see. Google's street view car and Trekker are shooting all over the world to see it in street view, but the strange moments they capturedBuzzFeedVideoIt is summarized.

Weirdest Things In Google Street View - YouTube

People suffering from a strange mask
Groups wearing a pigeon mask on both sides of the road line up.

this isPeople in the Daily Portal ZIt seems that it was.

You can see this group by looking around Tamagawa Kamimido Greenway on Google Street View.

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Young people disguised and staring at the camera in disguise.

A horse mask that nestles by one person by the way.

Here is a horse mask that was taken by chance during the date.

◆ Curiosity
A woman caught in a car with ridiculous appearance. It is a place to worry about the details before and after.

A man who comes out of the trunk of a car naked and a dog collapsing on the ground in front.

◆ Life's big event
Men and women in front of cars parked on the shoulder. nowBe careful not to know what happenedIt is being done.

Here is a petit uproar where ... ...

It seems that birth has been done. It is a terrible street view that it captures the camera until the moment of life's birth ......

A baby who gets lost in front of GUCCI. Did you find the parent safely?

◆ Crime
A man holding a handgun, also recorded the moment of crime exactly.

A string made of cloth from the window on the 3rd floor of the house located on the right side of the photo hangs to the ground, and this is where the details are concerned.

◆ I saw a street view car
A very suspicious group.

I do not know what I am doing but I am very happy.

Among the people along the road ......

"MARRY ME LESLIE !!" (marry me and Leslie !!) ", a man applying for marriage. This is near the Google headquarters,Because we knew the visit of the shooting vehicle, what we were preparing variouslyIt is said that it is not.

A group that appeals to be a street view fan.

Other figures of people who follow this kind of dress are also taken.

◆ Sexy older sister
Street view does not miss sexy sisters and shoots them exactly.

◆ That red border T-shirt

Discover the waille of No way! Real using Google Street ViewSearch Wally!I think I can do it. Since the North American title of "Wally's Search!" Is "Where's Waldo?", It is written as "WALDO!" In the telop.

◆ Weird people
Whether it caught the moment when a crime occurred, whether you are strangling your neck with playfulness ......

Gentleman who gently touches a woman's butt.

At first glance it is an ordinary tree lined road ......

Picky from the trash.

Google Street View runs around various streets all over the world and shoots every moment, but several people are wearing masks of horse masks, moments of childbirth and moments of crime are coincidentally reflected in the camera Or,The fact is stranger than the novelIt is crawling the moment that embodies the moment.

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