Tasty meal "MOW Caramel Caffe latte" with a bittersweet caramel flavor and sweetness

Emulsifier and stabilizer are not used at a low price of 126 yen including tax, Milk produced by Hokkaido is used for "concentrated milk vanilla", Masukarupone produced at our factory in Hokkaido is used for "creamy cheese", a solid material In "MOW" line of Morinaga milk ice cream made with "Caramel Cafe latte" will be added for a limited time from Monday, November 25. I ate it the other day.Mow of 650 pieces per box and 5250 yenIt was a pretty workmanship, so I decided to eat the limited time MOW this time.

Caramel Caffe latte - Product Information | MOW Ice Cream

The package looks something like this. Unlike the blue color of vanilla, orange color is the basis.

It is a limited time item.

The image is caramel coffee latte with caramel sauce. It is unusual for low-priced ice that emulsifier and stabilizer used for making smooth ice cream is not used.

Raw materials include dairy products, syrup, caramel syrup, vegetable oils and fats, but there are no emulsifiers / stabilizers.

The energy is 233 kcal. Standard calorie as one cup ice cream.

First remove the paper packaging.

The cup of ice with inner pigs appears when removed.

A slightly brown coffee colored ice cream is opened.

No matter how much we dig in, brown one color, sauce is not included.

When I try to eat it is a smooth texture, I do not insist on any taste of milk, caramel, coffee, it is finished in a taste well-balanced with sweetness. Not 'Ole' but 'lattéTo tell the truth, I do not feel the taste of espresso 's deeply roasted beans, but on the contrary the taste of coffee does not claim too much, you can taste the bitter taste of caramel.

Some ice cheap prices have too strong taste of palm oil or vegetable oils because there is too much taste of milk, but this ice is a low price ice of 100 yen range, I felt the taste of milk that was brisk, and the melting in the mouth is also good. Even if you put it in the mouth with the ice crisd, it melts quickly, but you can enjoy a smooth texture even if you eat it with a little melting.

Mow's caramel coffee latte is limited time sale at 126 yen including tax. Since the amount is not too small compared to other ice, it is satisfactory ice both quality and quantity to eat after meals.

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