Meiji Essel Super Cup Collapsing Strawberry Cheese "Strawberry Cheese" Tasting Review

Speaking of the Essel Super Cup, it is one of the classic ice creams that are also found in convenience stores and others, and it is a long-selling product that has been selling for nearly 20 years, but "Strawberry Cheese" was released on Monday, November 18 It is. I bought it and went out because I was concerned about how much quality and quantity it was finished with 200 ml capacity at a price of 126 yen including tax.

Meiji Essser Super Cup Strawberry Cheese 200ml

In the lid it says "entering strawberry strawberries", 5% of fruit juice and pulp actually contained.

Type used vegetable oilLacto ice, You can check sugar, dairy products, vegetable fat, strawberry pulp and strawberry juice.

The calorie is 298 kcal, calorie higher than Haagen Dazs mini cup vanilla (267 kcal).

When opening the lid, it looks something like this, it has a vinyl pig inside and it is slightly stricter than a general ice cream.

When you remove the inner pig a little pink ice cream.

You can see things like strawberry grains when you look good.

Spoons and cupping discovered strawberry pulp.

Large grains were also included.

As a matter of course it is natural to eat, but there is no richness of the cream in the meaning like Haagen Dazs, rather if the taste of the vegetable cream is strong, the flavor of the cheese is only slightly felt. Although the texture of the tongue is smooth, there are no points to be noted for good or bad for the taste, ice cream that emphasis on quantity rather than quality. "Essel" of the Essel Super Cup is a coined word of "Excellent + Essential", but the excellentness is not the taste but rather that amount.

If you eat the part of the grain you will have a sour and refreshing strawberry taste.

Essel Super Cup Strawberry cheese price is 126 yen including tax. It is recommended for ice cream who want more quantity than quality.

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