"Meiji Essel Super Cup Chocolate Mint" has reappeared with popularity and so tried eating

Speaking of chocolate mint ice cream, there are persistent fans and sold with various ice makers, but the super cup of Meiji Essl also sold last summer, but once stopped production, on February 3rd ( Month) to "Chocolate mintWe are resuming sales of.

"Meiji Essel Super Cup Chocolate Mint" New Release Press Release | Corporate Information | Meiji Co., Ltd.

Meiji Essel Super Cup Chocolate mint is a package in which mint color is keynote.

Illustrations of mint are also printed and it seems that "refreshing deliciousness of mint" will be.

Raw materials include saccharides, dairy products, vegetable fat, semi-chocolate, fragrance,Spirulina pigmentIt is used.

The calorie is 352 kcal per 200 ml, and the calorie which is larger than ordinary minicup ice is somewhat higher.

When opening it, you can check the pig inside the vinyl.

Furthermore, when opening the inside pig of vinyl, mint color chocolate mint ice comes out.

There are small chocolate chips on the surface.

Scooping with a spoon, there were plenty of small chocolate chips.

When scooping and eating it, sweetness · cream feeling · taste of mint both are crisp and easy to eat. Commercially available chocolate mint bad products may taste like toothpaste, but that's not the case. However, it may be unsatisfactory for those who are looking for an exciting mint taste because the mint feeling is somewhat weak.

Chocolate can enjoy the crisp and crisp texture. The bitter taste of chocolate fits well with the refreshing taste of mint.

The price of the Essel Super Cup chocolate mint is 120 yen without tax.Meiji Essel Super Cup websiteAs it has been added to the lineup, this time it seems to be selling as a regular product. People who like chocolate mint taste ice cream is finished in ice without any loss even if you eat it once.

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