How to eat tasty delicious country meat "Matcha Latte" & "White Bear"

Speaking of country meam, it is a cookie that is popular for enjoying the taste of a handmade sensation by confining the deliciousness of authentic chocolate chips in raw condition, but this time two new products have been added for a limited time to that lineup. "Country meat Matcha latte"When"Country Mam White Bear"is. Even ordinary country meam is enough tastefully, but I tried what these tastes are all finished in.

(PDF) Cool Desert Country Manium

First of allCountry meat Matcha latte"(158 yen including tax).

"It is delicious even if chilled!"

Uji used green tea and milk from Hokkaido.

There are two types of chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.

Country meam is famous for warming up in the microwave oven, but it is also possible to enjoy it with "Country Mama Matcha Latte".

Raw material name. Matcha is also properly included.

It is a nutritional ingredient. 51 kcal per 1 sheet (standard 10.5 g).

It is 5 bags in all.

I tried out it from the bag. It is a soft greenish brown color.

It is the back side.

I tried to break it. When eating, the flavor of chocolate and green tea is plus while the texture of the soft dough peculiar to the country meam is kept intact. The smell of Matcha spreads first, and as you chew, the feeling that chocolate will ride on the taste. There is absolutely no bitter taste or a bitter taste of Matcha, which may be unsatisfactory for those who expect it. Because there is no bitterness, everyone can enjoy the taste.

It was delicious even if it was chilled, so I chilled it in a refrigerator. The fabric becomes hard and the response increases. However, I feel somewhat feeling that the flavor of Matcha is weakening. It might be suitable for people who like cold feeling and hard texture.

Next we will try what it will taste when heated.

Among the three ways of eating this, you can enjoy the flavor of the green tea the most. To the moist feel like freshly made cookie, the flavor of Matcha and the taste of chocolate which melted as much as possible are matched well. It takes a while to warm up, but it is worth a try.

Next is "Country Maum White Bear" (158 yen including tax). "White sky"Is a frozen sweet originating in Kagoshima, with condensed milk on top of shaved ice and arranged with fruits on it with bean paste. It was said that the taste was expressed innovatively with the country manium this time.

"What is the taste of white bear of shaved ice to country mamma!", What kind of taste is it ....

Condensed milk in Hokkaido and Daito Azuki bean.

Chocolate chips and mix fruit jelly are included.

It is the taste of shaved ice, but it seems to be delicious if you warm.

It is a raw material name. Confirm red beans and condensed milk.

Nutritional elements. 49 kcal per one sheet (standard 10.5 g).

We also have 5 bags.

I tried out it from the bag.

It is the back side.

The section looks something like this. The taste has a strong flavor of chocolate, it looks like ordinary chocolate cookie. The grains of mix fruit jelly are very small, but chewy chewy sweetness chews with a texture like caramel, insisting on personality. Certainly this is fine, but because you still say "white wheat", there are things that are not enough if you do not have a cold feeling when you eat.

So, I think I will try to eat it the next time. Speaking of "white beans" Marunaga confectionery's white bean ice is famous. First of allWhite skyEat "and compare it with" Country Maum White Bear ".

Here is the ice bar of "white beans".

The taste of fruits and red beans wrapped in condensed milk spreads in your mouth. It is painfully sensed that there is a sense that the taste of fruits and red beans was condensed in this coldness as it is still "white beans".

This time I tried to eat what I was chilling in the freezer instead of the refrigerator. The dough becomes hard and a feeling like ice. Mixed berry's viscosity increased, the texture tends to be rich and it is cheap and it may be irresistible for people who like it. It certainly is "white bear" in the sense that taste such as fruit is condensing in coldness. However, like the ice, each taste is not gathered well, but the taste was felt separately.

Continue to challenge the warming way to eat.

As I warm up, the flavor of fruits and azuki began to spread further in my mouth. Feeling that chocolate melted with heat and mixed berries are tangled tightly in the fabric and they are gathered well. In spite of saying "white bear", too, the country meam is a cookie translation, so we recommend that you try heating.

"Country Mama Matcha Latte" and "Country Maum White Bear" certainly had their own personality, and the taste as a cookie was felt well. However, thanks to the fact that the perfection degree of the country meam is high due to the taste such as "Matcha" or "White Bear", the perfection degree of the Country Mam itself is high, so even if any taste is added, it feels like a taste like that I received the impression. In that sense, it is the 2 items of this time that you can reconfirm the high degree of completion of the country medium.

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