"Kajitsu Blueberry" and "Kajitsu Mango" Taste Review Reviewing Haagen Dazs Ice Cream's Flavor Well

Haagen-Dazs new series "Kajitsu"It was released for a limited time, but this seems to be a unique thing that has never before been enjoyed with ice cream plenty of fresh meat sauce. I tried eating and actually checking what kind of taste it was finished because I was able to eat while feeling the freshness like eating fresh fruit itself.

New series sticking to the texture of flesh Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Kajitsu "Blueberry" "Mango" April 9 (Monday), New release for a limited time at convenience store

This is"blueberry"(284 yen including tax).

Raw material name is here. It is not this "blueberry flesh" it is written as "blueberry sauce" this miso.

Nutrition ingredients are here. 212 kcal per one (90 ml).

Once opened quickly it looks like this. Blueberry sauce on the top is dense and ice cream part is completely invisible.

Blueberry flesh can be confirmed in the sauce. When I put in a spoon, I feel crisp, the sauce is stiff.

Although it looks like an ice like a sherbet in appearance, when it is in the mouth, it becomes a texture that the sauce was made into a trolley and it is familiar to ice cream well. The sourness of blueberry sauce is quite strong, but this is exquisite balance with sweetness of thick, milky milk ice cream. It is not the taste of a blueberry which is processed into a crispy taste of general ice cream, it is a taste which condensed the original sourness and sweetness of blueberry.

Next is "mango"(284 yen including tax) is.

It is a raw material.

Nutrition ingredients are here. It is 200 kcal per one (90 ml) and somewhat lower than "blueberry".

When you open it, rich and hard-to-see sauce jumps into your eyes as you see.

The pulp of the mango is buried in the sauce and it looks like a sherbet.

It is considerably hard because the dense source is frozen and it is possible to separate only the source part like this by putting a spoon ......

The taste of sauce is plain sweetness, contrasting with blueberries. The concentration of fruit juice made into drool peculiar to mango is suppressed, and it is very mellow taste. For this reason the sweetness of mango does not interfere with the rich sweetness of ice cream, rather it stands out.

The main character is the ice cream part to the last, both commodities are finished as a sauce which does not sacrifice the taste of ice cream by capturing the characteristics of fruits well. It is recommended for those who want "taste of Haagen Dazs rich and mellow sweet ice cream firmly, but also want fruit taste accents".

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