I tried a three-layer Haagen Dazs "Mango Pudding - Coconut Milk Tailoring" aimed at the taste and smoothness of mango pudding like a luxury hotel

New flavor from Haagen Dazs "Mango Pudding ~ Coconut Milk Tailoring ~"Has appeared for a limited time from May 8, 2018 (Tue). I tried the Haagen Dazs of three layers of "Mango ice cream" and "Alphonso Mango sauce" using Alphonso Mango, and a smooth sherbet like "Coconut Milk Solve".

"Minicup" Mango Pudding - Coconut Milk Tailoring "May 8, 2018 | Haagen Dazs Japan

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I bought a Haagen Dazs Mini Cup "Mango Pudding ~ Coconut Milk Tailor ~" (294 yen including tax). The package has a three-layer mango pudding and an image of mango drawn, reminiscent of a tropical taste. This Haagen Dazs said that he is using Alfonso Mango called "The King of Mangos".

Raw materials include those based on mangoes such as "mango sauce" "mango puree" and tropical materials such as those based on coconut such as "coconut syrup" "coconut cream" "coconut oil" I understand.

Contents amount is 99 ml, energy per piece is 191 kcal.

When removing the lid of the cup and turning the inner pig, Alphonso Mango sauce that covers the surface appeared.

Below the sauce there is a white layer of coconut milk solve. Sorbet is Sorbet in French. When you eat sauce and sauce together, the gorgeous fragrance of mango from the sauce, creamy coconut milk flavor from sorbet. The sauce has a flavor of mango, but sourness is slightly easier to eat and it is almost a ripe mango. Solve is a modest sweetness with a smooth texture, milky with a texture like an ice cream rather than an ice grain.websiteAccording to the developers aiming for the taste of mango pudding to eat at a luxury hotel, especially pursued the smoothness of Solve.

Eating forward, it rushed into the third layer of yellow alphonso mango ice cream layer.

When eating three layers at the same time with ice cream, a rich mango scent sauce, a slightly sweet sorbet, and mango ice cream with another creamy different from sorbet combine to make a luxurious mango It turns into an ice cream of flavor. Ice cream is finished to make mango's flavor complementary while making the whole tasty, with ice creamy but tasty mango and coconut flavor with a three layer structure of sauce, sorbet and ice cream It was finished in a cream.

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