I ate the Hagen Dazs "Mango Orange" of rich mango expanding with juicy and refreshing orange ice

From April 21, 2015 (Tuesday) Haagen-Dazs is a minicup "Mango orangeWe will release it nationwide. In order to realize "tropical delicacy" produced by ice cream combining rich alphonso mango and orange ice cream of refreshing acidity, I actually bought it and tried it.

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"Mango Orange" package is an orange design that makes mango and orange feel.

Fresh mango and fruit of orange are printed.

Cream, mango puree, orange puree, etc. are used as raw materials, and as kinds of ice cream, there are "milk solids content 10.0% or more, milk fat content 3.0% or more"Ice milk"is.

Calories per cup is 196 kcal.

When opening the lid the inner lid of the vinyl is affixed.

When vinyl is peeled off, icecreams with beautiful whirlpool patterns of two colors appear.

When I insert a spoon, I can see that the marble is continuing firmly inside.

Pacific at the same time of 2 kinds of ice. First of all I feel sweetness of a rich mango, a texture that I think as if I had frozen mango fruits. Next, the flavor of orange citrus scent smells flavorfully with the flavor of milk, although it is thick, it is a refreshing ice cream.

I will eat only the part of mango solve. Solve is about sherbet, but the feeling that you feel sharp is slightly felt. If you put it in your mouth it quickly dissolves at body temperature spreading fruit feeling and you will feel luxurious.

I felt the flavor of orange ice cream was weak, so I tried it alone. Orange flavor is felt in mellow milk ice, taste like broken milk and orange. It has become a fancy of a gorgeous and rich mango, but it was a perfection degree that I wanted to buy even on a single unit.

Even if you advance your eating, it is marbled to the bottom so it is possible to enjoy two types of ice evenly until the end. It is an ice cream that can enjoy a rich but refreshing taste, so I want to eat it in the season when the temperature will rise in the future.

In addition, "Mango Orange" of Haagen Dazs is limited time sale, and the recommended retail price is 294 yen including tax of 1 cup.

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