I tried "Adult Garigari Kimi Mango" of rough texture & rich sweet and sour like ripened mango fruit

As a new work of "Adult Garigari Kimi" who can enjoy a rich taste, 22% of mango juice which used three kinds was usedAdult Garigari Kimi mango"Appeared on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. By adjusting the size and amount of shaved ice, I finished it as a gelato-like mango candy, I bought it and tried it.

Adult Garigari Kimi Mango New Release | Akagiri Milk

Adult gargarry mangoes are orange colored in all three packages.

Mango juice is the most widely used raw material.

The energy per one piece is 86 kcal.

From the moment of opening the bag, the fragrance of sweet and sour mango drifts swiftly, and inside it is just a fruity ice candy of mango.

When I cut it with a knife, it had a dual structure coated mango ice with shaved ice with hard mango ice.

When eating, the outside has a smoothly crisp texture, you can taste ice creamy with a rough texture like ripe mango fruit from inside. Inside the ice cream is crushed crushed shaving ice and Ice cream that is lightly felt as "crispy" as eating makes it small ice cream. Because you are using three kinds of mango fruits including Alphonso Mango which is also said to be the king of mango, sweet and sour taste and fruity aroma are also very rich, so that you can fully enjoy the luxurious feeling not in normal garigari It is getting.

In addition, adult gargarry mangoes are sold at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide at a price of 100 yen.

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