I tried eating "fresh frozen oranges" that may open a new ground for "mandarin orange with kotatsu"

Ice with characteristic sharp texture with fine ice "Refreshing"Faithfully reproduced the sweet and sour of frozen oranges"Refreshing frozen oranges"Has appeared. Enjoy cold ice cream in a warm room in cold seasons with a winter classic called "mandarin oranges in kotatsu"Winter IceIce has become enjoyable at once, so I actually purchased and tried it.

Refresh catalog | Product Information | Lover of your mouth Lotte

(PDF)Resurrection! Aimed at more realistic texture and taste! "Fresh frozen oranges" Launched nationwide from March 7, 2016 (Monday)

The refreshing frozen oranges package is based on orange color.

With ice cream that reproduces refreshing frozen oranges ......

11% of oranges juice and pulp is used.

Types of ice cream, It becomes "Frozen Dessert" which hardly uses milk solids, and oranges sauce and oranges juice is used for raw materials.

According to the nutrition information table, the energy per piece is 144 kcal, the carbohydrate is 33 g.

As soon as I opened the lid, the ice with a bright orange color appeared more than I imagined.

Looking up, this way.

I thought whether Ice candy or frozen ice cream frozen fruit or not, and soon after taking out from the freezer it is so soft that the spoon passes easily.

So when I try to eat it, the ice creams themselves are more melted in the mouth than the ice cream ice creams, etc. It is a mouth-feel that you can enjoy the sharp texture of the refreshing series while it is exactly smooth. The taste is coldness and sweet and sourness as if faithfully reproduced frozen oranges, it is a sweet and sour taste just right not too sweet and not too acidic. It might be irresistible for those who like the fresh sweetness and sourness of fruits.

Also, as you advance your eating, you will notice that the oranges are contained in the ice cream.

It is also a fun point that the sweetness is felt stronger when the ice melts as a whole. There is still a low temperature day, but as I enter the kotatsu at such timing and it gets warm, it is becoming ice that I can spend the blissful time with eating.

"Shu-frozen oranges" are on sale from March 7, 2016 (Monday) throughout the country. The suggested retail price is 130 yen without tax, but it was sold at the food department inside the ion at 95 yen including tax.

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