I tried to eat ice "Shuoshu THE pear" with a sharp shirtish texture like a bitter pear

Speaking of Lotte's refreshing vanilla taste is a classic fine ice cream Ice cream, but from Monday, September 8 Sherbet Ice that does not use milk or milk fatShuji THE Pear"Has been released. I used to use 10% fruit juice and pulp, it is said that you can enjoy a sharp texture that seems to be gnawing real pears, so I actually decided to buy it and eat it.

The emergence of "THE pear" aiming for a realistic sense of prayer!
(PDF file)http://www.lotte.co.jp/info/news/pdf/news1425.pdf

"Refuge the Pear" package is marked as "fresh" as large as vanilla.

With a picture of pear, it is "refreshing and refreshing!"

It uses 10% pear juice and pulp and classifies it as ice paste.

Expect confirmation that pear fruit juice and pear puree are used as raw materials, expectation increases.

Allergy ingredients are not included, calorie is 1 piece (per 190 ml) 158 kcal, calorie discreet less than ice with milk fat content.

Pear color ice appeared when opened.

As you approach, you can see the collision of small ice as well as vanilla's "refreshing".

When scooping and eating it, there are only 10% of fruit juice and pulp, and you can feel the taste of pear firmly. Although it is different from the sharp texture of pear, I feel that it is kind of pearish if you are conscious of the texture of fine ice. Sweetness seemed just right at the beginning of eating, but gradually the sweetness felt persistent.

Although I ate in the room where air conditioning entered, it is somewhat faster to melt, so it seems better to eat quickly. When it took out from the freezer for about 10 minutes it melted considerably and the texture of refreshing fine ice was impaired.

In addition, the suggested retail price of "Shuji THE Pear" is 120 yen without tax.

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