I tried the Meiji "Gran Milk & Marron" which the chestnut sauce and milk ice blend together

New products "Gran Milk & Marron" were added to the Meiji ice cream "Gran" for a limited time. I feel that the chestnut season has passed, but I wanted to eat rich ice cream, so I bought it.

A new flavor of winter appears on premium ice stuck to milk! "Meiji THE PREMIUM Gran (Gran)" New release

Package looks something like this, the orange color is the keynote.

Image diagram that chestnuts are jumping into milk

It is said that ice cream is made with "proprietary recipe" called "Grand Milk Process", which seems to be committed to milk.

Milk fat content is as high as 12.5%, and dairy products · chestnut sauce etc. can be confirmed as raw materials.

Calories are 279 kcal per piece.

Unpack and remove the paper attached to the package.

Peel off the inner lid and face the ice main body. It has an inner lid of vinyl.

When opening the inner cover and like this.

Chestnut sauce is swirling around milk ice cream.

After scooping and eating it, the taste of creamy milk and chestnut spreads in the mouth. Although it does not taste a thick chestnut like Mont Blanc, the balance of chestnut and milk blend is good, making the taste of each other making use of the taste of two materials without hitting each other. While understating the sweetness, I also feel the sweetness of milk as well as sugar.

Chestnuts are contained in the brown part, and they are rather fine particles, so there is no rough texture.

Even if you eat a little melted, the mouth melt is good and good. The ice is a little hard when it is just released from the freezer, so it may be better to eat it after melting it a little.

Gran Milk & Marron sell for a limited time. Since there are not many chestnut ice, it is recommended for those who like chestnut taste

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