The possibility that JP Morgan Chase Bank was hacked and access to information of 465,000 people turned out

America's leading commercial bankJ.P. Morgan Chase BankBut it has been revealed that it may have been accessed by 465,000 customer card data under attack from hackers.

JPMorgan warns 465,000 card users on data loss after cyber attack | Reuters

J.P. Morgan / Chase Bank (JPMC) has issued "U card" which can be used for paying salaries from companies · Refunding taxes from government agencies · Receiving compensation for unemployment. According to the announcement, this U cardOfficial siteIt is said that a trace of hacking was found around September this year against the web server where it is located. The problem has already been solved, and it seems that the report to the law enforcement agency is completed.

JPMC's spokesperson Michael Fusco said that among U card users, for those who may have personal information data of the user among the data deleted from the server due to the hacking damage this time Although I revealed that they are sending notifications individually, I declined to clarify the specific details of the affected customers and hacking damage.

Among the customer information managed by the bank, personal information such as social security number, date of birth, e-mail address, etc. are used for identifying individuals when opening a bank account or creating a new credit card, so cyber criminals I want a piece of information out of my throat. JPMC has announced that it believes that these important personal information is not included in the information accessed by this hacking damage, but as detailed contents are not clarified, The truth of that is unknown.

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Mr. Fusco said, "So far, evidence of monetary damage caused by hacking or other evidence of crime was not found," JPMC is a policy not to reissue cards . Users of U cards are criticizing the attitudes of JPMC who announced that the damage occurred two months after hacking damage, and Dennys Napier of the Connecticut Accounting Office "There are lots of things to do to prove that JPMC is a bank worth dealing in the future and to recover the lost confidence."

Even in the United States where checks (checks) were the main means of payment so far, online payment with various cards that can be paid more easily in recent years is expanding, but in exchange for convenience, the risk of cyber crime such as hacking It seems that it is increasing.

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