The top-level user who writes reviews on Amazon is free

ByStephen Woods

The review of Amazon not only about the product itself but also the shipping and selling point to mention about the seller has not been featured in the product review so far, often buying products based on Amazon reviews, Amazon Sending goods to free-of-charge by reviewers in order to obtain product reviewsAmazon VineWe have adopted a program called "National Public Radio (NPR)According to the report, there seems to be some people who have received thousands of dollars (about hundreds of thousands of yen) worth of goods by free.

Top Reviewers On Amazon Get Tons Of Free Stuff: Planet Money: NPR

It is the top reviewer who says that the items sent come from a cheap earphone to a $ 500 (about 49,000 yen) multifunction laser printer.Michael ErbAnd Erb got a motorcycle that is close to $ 1,000 (about 98,000 yen) in the past with free. Erb's house is overflowing with a lot of Bluetooth speakers delivered by free stuff and lithium-ion battery that can blow up the street. This is why traders send products directly, not only Amazon but also top reviewer Erb to have their products reviewed.

BySean dreilinger

The list of items decided by Amazon is shown to the reviewers twice a month, and the reviewers can choose two items from the list. Reviewers are written within 30 days after receiving the item, and as long as they do not sell the goods or give it to someone, the reviewers can receive the goods for free. Erb who is using this program for five years is totally acquiring goods equivalent to several thousand dollars (about several hundred thousand yen). Amazon can work on reviewers to bring back items, but it seems that Erb has not seen such things in the past.

Also in JapanAmazon Vine preemption programThere are not many people who know the existence of the program.

But,Amazon's product pageLooking at ... ...

There certainly was a review written as "Amazon Vine Review".

Anindya Ghose of New York University who studies the review of consumers claims that "If it is a free gift, it will be a more positive review than paying the money and getting the item, but the Amazon publicity" "It is said that" Amazon Vine reviewers give more rigorous scores than the average customer on the website "in response to NPR's question. "It is our view that Amazon Vine reviewers take seriously their role of reviewing products from a fair perspective."

Amazon will send items to Amazon Vine members, in particular with no other reviews. Regardless of what the item is, it is because it can be sold better than products with no reviews, even with a low evaluation review.


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