Disney develops touch screen algorithm "Touch Surfaces" that can obtain "three-dimensional feel"

Today I have a lot of opportunities to trace the display of smartphones and tablets to get information, but these days, an algorithm that obtains a "stereoscopic effect" by touching the screen "Touch Surfaces"Was developed.

Disney Research »Tactile Rendering of 3D Features on Touch Surfaces

You can tell how this works with "Touch Surfaces" which gives a three-dimensional feeling from the display by watching this movie.

Tactile Rendering of 3D Features on Touch Surfaces - YouTube

Opportunities to trace the touch screen with smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs have increased.

"Touch Surfaces" gives a 3D world to such a touch screen.

On the Touch Surfaces screen you can feel the protrusions, dents, horns and so on.

The Touch Surfaces algorithm measures the tilt between the surface and fingers of a three-dimensional object and reflects it on the feel of virtual three-dimensional objects.

Human beings feel stereoscopically because the skin of the finger senses the frictional force obtained when touching objects as a stereoscopic effect. The red arrow in the picture represents the frictional force.

Touch Surfaces can calculate the frictional force from the inclination (slope) of the solid and the tracing speed, and generate electric oscillation commensurate with it, so that "three-dimensional feeling" can be conveyed to the finger.

Touch Surfaces can express not only pictures but also stereoscopic effect of images.

You can feel stereoscopically the things you photographed with the camera.

With Touch Surfaces, you can grasp the topography simply by tracing the map ......

3D rendering is also possible.

The image projected on the projector can be felt as three-dimensional in the same way.

Touch Surfaces is a very light algorithm, so it is also possible to express in real time the information displayed in the camera in three dimensions.

If you use Touch Surfaces which can express various information three-dimensionally with your fingers, content that can be enjoyed by blind people seems to increase.

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