"Voxiebox" which can display 3D hologram without headset and operate

Microsoft is a headset that displays 3D images as a hologram by overlaying them "Hololens"Although it is possible to project three-dimensional images and figures from any angle without a headset to the real world, it is possible to operate the projected image"Voxiebox"is.

Holographic 3D Projection Device 'Voxiebox' Showcases Futuristic Display Tech | Mashable - YouTube

Alan Jackson has over 30 yearsVolume type displayIt is an engineer who has continued to develop.

In the last 4 years, Mr. Jackson developed "Voxiebox" which can project and manipulate 3-dimensional images / figures in full color with recursive projection technology. It is like this where you are actually projecting a 3D hologram with Voxiebox, and a round object is moving on the maze projected three-dimensionally.

It is also possible to rotate the displayed 3D object.

The black box that Jackson is touching is Voxiebox.

"Even without a headset, we can visualize the object in three dimensions," Jackson explains.

Mr. Jackson said in 1985New York Science HallAt the exhibition, I have also published a technology to project an object in three dimensions by irradiating multiple lasers.

Through such laser-based technology, it is possible to project images three-dimensionally by projecting thousands of lights per second at high speed. In Voxiebox games such as chess ......

You can play fighting games etc. with holograms.

Projected objects can be operated such as angle change and zoom up, so you can project objects you want to observe in detail and see as much as you like.

Mr. Jackson says, "With volumetric display, you can effectively utilize various devices and applications in the real world, such as projecting and using not only games but also medical images, etc. As in normal at home or in each business 3D holograms It will be in the very near future that we will be able to use it. "

In addition, movies projecting 3D holograms are also released and can be seen from the following.

Voxiebox featuring Q3D 360 Degree Performance Capture - YouTube

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